A.A. Dixon Gets a Set of Wheels

February 10, 2012

Buses are something that most schools probably take advantage of, however the strain from renting them has cost A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence $150,000 a year on transportation.

Board President, Rev. LuTimothy May took the task on of tracking buses at auctions. He found three, red-lined buses that still needed repairs costing thousands.

“LuTimothy put a lot of work into this,” said Robert Rinke. “He came to us and said they needed buses and found the buses.”

That’s when Levin Rinke Resort Realty stepped in paying for the buses and their repairs. The donation is the largest the school has ever received.

“Before, the school was spending money on renting buses,” said Teri Levin. “It allows students to stay after school for tutoring and use the computers. It allows the school’s budget to keep teachers – that money goes back in the school.”

“It’s so huge,” May said of the donation. “Money can be implemented in other strategies for academic improvememt.”

A.A. Dixon held a pep rally in the its cafeteria to let the students know about the generous gift and to let them know of another surprise. Students who do their best to get good grades and be on their best behavior will be rewarded with a trip to Portofino and a boat ride to see dolphins.

“This is not some fairytale,” May said to the kids of the future dolphin excursions.

Bob Babcock, a business partner of Rinke will lend his boat for the trips.

May reminded the students that the reward will be the result of hard work and excellence.

“We are A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence, we’re going to be excellent,” May said.

He led the students in chant saying “I am great.”  After three times, the children were practically screaming.

The student council president took the podium to thank Levin Rinke Resort Realty for all of the help they have given the school and the A.A. Dixon cheerleaders performed two cheers – “Let’s go FCAT, let’s go,” for which May stood up and cheered along, and “Stomp the cat.”

Teachers were also give a round of applause and a big scream for their dedication to the kids and the school.

“Students, you have the greatest teachers on the planet,” May said. “They took pay cuts because they believe in the best of you.”

For Principal Kathy Colbert, the donation is important because a promise was kept to the students.

“Some of these children have people in their lives that don’t follow through,” Colbert said. “We do what we say we’re going to do – we follow through.”





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