A.A. Dixon gets buses

February 9, 2012

One of the big costs for the A.A. Dixon Charter School has been transportation. Of course, the School District isn’t going to help the inner-city school,like other school districts do in other parts of the state, so Rev. Lutimothy May has been working on buying buses for the school.

Levin Rinke Resort Realty is the purchasing three buses for the Escambia County’s A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence this week–largest purchased donation that school has received thus far. The Board of Directors, under the new leadership of Pastor May, has garnered multiple community and business partners in the pursuit to turn the school around, including their two newest board members, Mike Papantonio and Troy Rafferty form the Levin/Papantonio Law firm.

As much as Superintendent Thomas and School Board Member Jeff Bergosh want to squash this community school, the support continues to grow and become more diverse every month.

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