2014 Election

A few more election observations

November 5, 2014

Gen-X takes over Escambia County Commission
With the election of Doug Underhill, the Escambia Board of County Commissioners will be one of the youngest in the state with four commissioners below the age of 50. Steven Berry, Lumon May, Grover Robinson and Doug Underhill all attended integrated schools and grew up after the Civil Rights movement.

If they can work towards consensus on issues without melodrama, Escambia County could really see some progress in the coming years.

Charlotte’s Web will impact next Medical Marijuana vote
State Amendment 2 on Medical Marijuana garnered a surprising 59 percent of the vote in Escambia County and nearly passed statewide.

In January, the regulations for Charlotte’s Web – the special strain of pot that doesn’t produce a “high” but may help those dealing with some of the most severe forms of epilepsy – go into effect. If all goes well and the public can see the positive impact it has on patients, voters may be more inclined to vote for more uses for pot.

Democrats showed some life in Escambia County
The Democratic Party fielded candidates in the state house races and for both commission seats. Though each only garnered about a third of the votes, the Democratic candidates did much better than the NPV candidates did four years ago.

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