A great note from Sherri Myers

January 16, 2014



I thank God for you. We need a voice and you have made that possible. You have empowered the powerless. Thanks for providing me the opportunity to speak on your show. I love the article. I love the bench picture.

When I was in my twenties I hung out with people who were in their 60s 70s and 80s. Old civil rights warriors. They inspired me and taught me to have fun in the process of fighting for justice.

I even hung out with Fred and Birdie Blossom. Fred was in his 80s. He was a union organizer for the IWW. The greatest union in the history of the world.

Fred and Birdie had a house in the mountains of Tennessee. On their frig they had plastered pictures of many radicals. After lunch they would tell people to gather up blankets and take them outside to sit on. They would say, “It’s time to plot the revolution”. Out we would go.

They inspired me to never give up.

Take care,


Note: I was blown away about Myers’ personal story. Whether you agree or disagree with her political stances, she is a Pensacola treasure.

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