A. K. Suter construction makes no sense

February 21, 2012

People are in an uproar over the $25 million proposed road construction on Pensacola Beach, but little is being said about the $21 million the School District wants to spend on a new A.K. Suter Elementary School.

A.K. Suter has 367 students. It’s enrollment is flat, despite allowing students outside of its attendance zone to enroll there. The school isn’t located in an out-of-way location without any other possible schools available. Yet Supt. Malcolm Thomas wants to replace it, at a cost $5 million more than Global Learning Academy–$17.2 million for over 800 students.

The decision does not make sound fiscal sense. $21 million for 367 students is a boondoggle, even if he can increase enrollment to 400.

Is there anyone on the School Board that’s fiscally responsible? Maybe the district has more capital funds that it really needs. If so, then it’s time to repeal the local option sales tax that we give the district.

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