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A lot of activity in the Pensacola Tanyards, Commissioner May requests construction specs

December 7, 2016

Dr. Gloria Horning called. She is onsite with Emerald Coastkeeper Laurie Murphy. It appears fencing may be going up and inspectors are checking the soil and water.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Lumon May has requested the city’s construction specifications for the project.

“Obviously any contractor would have to abide by OSHA standards and regulations, but the time of operations, the restrictions, the construction barriers and fencing, all that would certainly be a part of the specifications in the construction documents,” said Commissioner May on “Pensacola Speaks” yesterday.

“It’s at the heart of my district,” he said. “Children have played in that park for years, even before I was born, and just because you started a construction project doesn’t mean that children are going to stop coming. So we have to make sure that we have their safety as the number one priority.”

He added, “Second of all, we have to make sure that we protect their safety by making sure that we have barricades, barriers, and fencing. And I would hope that the architect, the engineers, or the construction managers would have made sure that those protocols were in place.”

We will have more on this issue this afternoon on “Pensacola Speaks” at 5 p.m.

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