Since 2005, this blog has become an integral part of the political fabric of the greater Pensacola area. It’s how I connect with my readers on a daily basis and share the bits and pieces of what I heard behind the scenes.

“The Blog”–which is how most Pensacolians refer to it– has broken several big news stories, including new information on the Billings Murder case. It was featured in the New York Times—Blogger Stirs a City. The blog was also mentioned in Time Magazine (The Pensacola Adoptive Couple’s Murder: A Hit? ) and on Dateline NBC (No Safe Place).

As publisher and owner of the Independent News, I’ve earned the reputation for being fearless and willing to take on any news story. There is nothing wishy-washy about my Outtakes column or the other opinion pages of the Independent News. However, over the years I’ve learned not to take myself too seriously and that humor can be a powerful tool in making a point on political issues.

This blog is just one part of the IN media empire. Our weekly newspaper hits the newstands every Thursday – and, best of all, it’s free. You can read us online and check out the daily news, arts, entertainment, music and film reports on inweekly.net.

The Independent News is owned by INweekly Media. I own 90 percent of the paper. The remaining 10 percent is owned by J. Collier Merrill, Ray Russenberger and Charles Emling, III, none of which own more than five percent of the stock. I have complete control over the editorial and operations of the newspaper and its websites.

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