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  • Citizen December 18, 2009 at 5:23 pm


    With all the havoc that has been created at the chamber by Valentino and Mort. I am glad that you are on the board of the PBACC (Capt. Cudd forgot the title left the “B” out). You will bring some sanity back and take some the stress off of the LOW wage earners there who are stuck in the crosshairs! Pawns who work hard for members like me.

  • Jodi December 13, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    Will the Independent be doing a story and expose’ regarding Pensacola, Fl ranking number 1 for most contaminated city tap water?
    What to do about this horrible fact? Yikes. Why does the ECUA say everything is fine? Are the health standards that low? Is this why breast cancer here is so rampant? Others? What can we do? Thanks.

  • Bill McBride November 28, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Can we talk about the mailing piece I received yesterday from

    This piece, which includes a mail-in card to sign Marty Donovan’s petition to get a referendum on the financing of the Community Maritime Park, accuses the city, CMPA board, and developer of using a “Bait and Switch” strategy to move the project forward.

    I think that either this piece is deliberately misleading, or that the writer doesn’t understand the original plan to finance and build the park.

    For example, failure of the current plan for UWF to finance the Maritime Museum rather than the city is a “Switch,” along with the UWF conference center and classroom facility. THIS IS NOT TRUE,the public financing of those projects was never part of the $40 million project. Another example is the lighthouse and public marina, those elements were immediately identified as amenities to be added later in the project.

    People who aren’t properly informed about what the $40 million does buy need to be informed by the CMPA board and the developers. UWF is raising funds for their parts of the park and the city will bond the infrastructure including environmental remediation and the stadium and park area. The additional $8 million is for early interest payments in the event the CRA doesn’t generate enough cash to make those payments due to a poor local economy.

    The Community Maritime Park is important to Pensacolians as we try to build a more prosperous city and region. 56% voted in favor in 2006, three years ago. Let’s not let the naysayers continue to hold us back!

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