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Ad Men review: The swave, public records and court

August 29, 2013

From the testimony at former City Administrator Bill Reynolds’ trial, we know the city conspired to keep any record of The Zimmerman Agency’s new logos for the city of Pensacola and its marketing plan from the public.

We know that when Diana Mack requested the TZA reports and copies of the new logos on June 28, the city had paid the Tallahassee firm $301,213–which makes hiding of work of TZA from the public a serious issue. The public had a right to know what it was getting for its tax dollars. Input from the community might have made the final product better.

Both Pensacola Digest and Independent News had requested from Derek Cosson copies of the logos prior to Mack’s request and had been told that the city had nothing on them.

Mack’s request:

From: Diane Mack
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 9:55 AM

To: Ericka Burnett
Subject: Public Records Request–Zimmerman

Good morning, Ericka,
Pursuant to Florida statutes, please kindly provide the following information:
All status, activity, and spending reports received by any City staff from The Zimmerman Agency since May 10, 2012. A copy of the new logos for the City of Pensacola, ESP, the airport, and the port Thank you,


We know that the two days before Mack made her request contractors had installed a new entrance sign with the logo at the Pensacola airport.

Burnett didn’t ask IT to harvest the logos and reports. She forwarded the request to Reynolds and city PIO Derek Cosson. Why? Because those two were in charge of the TZA contract and the unveiling of the logo and marketing plan.

From: Ericka Burnett
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 11:07 AM
To: Bill Reynolds; Derek Cosson
Subject: FW: Public Records Request–Zimmerman
Please review the records request below from Mrs. Mack.

Thanks. Ericka

Ericka L. Burnett, CMC | City Clerk | City of Pensacola
222 W. Main Street | Pensacola, FL 32521 | 850.435.1606 office | 850.435.1611 fax |

Cosson didn’t check with IT or Airport, Port or ESP to find out if they had any logos. He deferred to Reynolds. Why? Because Reynolds was in charge of the rebranding.

BTW: City emails show that ESP, Port of Pensacola and the Airport had seen and approved their logos, as well as the mayor, in May.

Reynolds responded immediately. There was no hesitation-which is what got him charged by the state attorney. He didn’t ask Cosson to check with IT, Airport, Port or ESP for the logos.

From: Bill Reynolds
Date: Thursday, June 28, 2012 10:09 AM
To: Derek Cosson , Ericka Burnett
Subject: RE: Public Records Request–Zimmerman

We have not.

William H. Reynolds
City Administrator

The city clerk didn’t look any further. It wasn’t until we began looking last February into TZA contract and its sudden cancellation that we discovered the lengths to which the city hid information about TZA’s work from the city council, media and public. Read Ad Men.

Cosson pleaded guilty to the charge of not providing the public record. Reynolds awaits a decision from the judge.

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