Adequate Yearly Progress letters

October 5, 2010

We have received copies of the letters the elementary school principals sent home regarding the adequate yearly progress. There is definitely a formula the principals were given to use, but some principals reworded the letters to have a more positive approach:

Mary Ellen Wiggins, Scenic Heights: “At our school, some of our Economically Disadvantaged and African-American students did not make the AYP target.”

Peggy Tucker, Warrington: “At our school, Economically Disadvantaged, White and Black students did not make the AYP target, however, 82% of the AYP Criteria was met.”

Sheree’ Cagle, Hallmark: “At our school, black, economically disadvantaged students in this school need improvement in Reading and Math.”

Out of the 33 public elementary schools in the district, only one, Pine Meadow, met the Federal No Child Left Behind criteria.
The African-American students made the Adequate Yearly Progress target in reading at only eight schools and in math at only four schools. The Economically Disadvantaged subgroup performed slightly worse. The White subgroup did not make the reading target at seven schools.

There is a link between poverty and school performance.

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