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Wednesday April 1st 2015

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Al Qaeda linked to SOC

Al qaeda

(SOC photo of Bin Laden reviewing the Trillium Property)

Pensacola has been put on Aqua-blue alert. There is a rumor that it’s linked to Save Our City. Apparently the French discovered miniature bombs hidden in hearing aids. Homeland Security is flying investigators into the Pensacola area.

SOC has added strip searches to their next meeting agenda. But remember it’s just a rumor.

bushMeanwhile BSoc has proposed moving its meetings to Sammy’s and Arety’s to insure that clothing will not be an issue. The vote failed 310,000 to 299,997. Pres. Bush publicly thanked Better Save Our City for its patriotism and quick action during this Aqua-blue alert.

We win again!!!!

Yes, We CAN build a better Save Our City!