Anti-Olberman website admits failure

March 3, 2007


Olbermann Watch shuts down after MSNBC renews Keith Olberman’s contract. Being negative doesn’t always work…..good lesson for Pensacola.
Letter from Olbermannwatch.com:

There is no disguising the fact that we have been extremely unhappy with the recent decision of NBC Universal to not only retain Keith Olbermann for four more years but to elevate him in an unprecedented fashion. We had held out hope that MSNBC would allow Olbermann’s contract to expire even up until the last few weeks. But the deal is done and our Countdown Clock expired at midnight on March 1, 2007.

Given this, we have come to the conclusion that we have done more harm than good over the past 2+ years in keeping Olbermann in the public eye at a time when few were watching his show and even less cared about his assault on the journalistic standards we hold dear. So, after careful consideration and consultation with the entire staff, we have decided the time has come to retire OlbermannWatch.com.

It’s been a great run. We certainly had a lot of fun running the site but it’s just been increasingly difficult to maintain our enthusiasm as Olbermann’s ratings have increased and a compliant media has done everything to boost Olbermann and his show.

We wish all of you the best over the next four, painful years.

Robert A. Cox
Managing Editor

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