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Appeal filed, demolition of Sunday house stayed

May 17, 2016

Congressional candidate Elizabeth Schrey has filed an appeal of the City of Pensacola’s decision to issue a demolition permit for a house once owned by John Sunday. She has set up a gofundme account to raise the $500 needed to pay the appeal fee.

Schrey told Inweekly, “Brandi Dees said the appeal was accepted and the fee could be paid later. She went on to explain that this would be placed on the agenda for the June 15th Zoning Board of Adjustments meeting. I asked for clarification on when the fee was due, she clarified that the fee could be paid any time before the expenses related to the appeal actually arise (which is typically past the formal application deadline).”

Schrey said that when she followed up on her appeal, she was told that it would ensure a stay on the demo permit and the $500 fee would need to be paid by May 25, the officially noticed deadline for the June 15 ZBOA meeting.

In her appeal, Schrey asserts that Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward made an administrative decision to issue the demolition permit “effectively negating the codified powers of the ARB and the actions previously taken by the ARB,” and his decision “went against the advice of his own planning department,” who very clearly stated that the City should not issue a demolition permit without the affirmative vote of the ARB.”

She asked the matter be taken up by the Zoning Board of Adjustments.

Read Appeal.

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