Atlanta Journal Constitution reader remembers P’cola, circa 1930s

February 16, 2009

Found this letter to the editor in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Schools should get federal funding

I agree with Jonathan Zimmerman that “Schools desperately need traditional federal aid” (@issue Feb. 11). I remember so well the dilapidated high school in Pensacola, Fla., which blacks attended with its pot-bellied stoves, no science labs, no library, no cafeteria, and worst of all, the smelly bathrooms outdoors. We benefited from PWA and WPA funding which resulted in a gleaming, new school building.

My diary entry attests to the fact that on Aug. 9, 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited our city. The next day our family went to see the new high school. I am sure the building of that new school provided jobs for the community as well as educational opportunity for the students. So why can’t the Republican opposition restore federal funds for school construction to the bailout money?


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