Back to the Future with George

August 30, 2007

A week after County Administrator George Touart was verbally reprimanded by the Escambia County commission for side business deals with parties involved in a $1.41 million land purchase by the county, the Pensacola News Journal uncovers more deals. None appear to be illegal on the surface, but all put an even larger cloud over the integrity of county government.

How many more side deals are out there? We know George’s son Matt works for Roads, Inc. – one of the largest road contractors with the county. Again not illegal, but more evidence as to how intertwined Touart’s personal life is with contractors, vendors, developers and commissioners.

The Board of County Commissioners need to ask for full disclosure from their county administrator – his personal income tax returns, records of all condo and land transactions and the records of his businesses since he has held the position. No more surprises.

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