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Band of Four unites against toll, Hooray!

February 28, 2012

Representatives Clay Ford (R-Gulf Breeze), Clay Ingram (R-Pensacola), Matt Gaetz (R-Destin) and Doug Broxson (R-Gulf Breeze) announce they are absolutely opposed to placing the burden of a toll, to finance the proposed Pensacola Bay Bridge expansion, on the constituents of Northwest Florida.

“I understand the importance the bridge plays in the Panhandle,” said Rep. Ford, “I cannot and will not support placing a toll on our residents to pay for the project. This proposal would be a job killer at a time when our economy is starting its recovery.”

“My opposition to the proposed toll is in keeping with our commitment to stand firm against the imposition of new taxes or fees,” said Rep. Ingram.

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  • L.Laird February 29, 2012 at 10:08 am

    Elitist Gulf Breeze folks want the citizens of Escambia to pay for their free bridge commute by us paying more TAX’s….. They live in GB, work or own bus in P-cola, and take all their profits to GB. They have the best schools because of their money; they own all of the politicians, one could consider them part of the 1 percent,—- p-cole 99 %. If GB folks want to work and do business in Escambia, then let them pay for the bridge….As far as we poor folks going to the beach…forget it…only drunks and bar hoping rednecks go anyway…families want nothing to do with boozy/nude p-cola beach…

  • Judge Maygarden February 28, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    Call me crazy, but a toll seems like a great way to pay for a new bridge. Who better to pay for a bridge than those that use it? In fact, the bay bridge did have a very large toll until the latter half of the last century.

    Any comparison to Garçon Point are dubious. The bridge between Gulf Breeze and Pensacola is of known high demand. Expected taffic should be easy to estimate and the toll would remain stable–unlike the Garçon Point fiasco.

    Unfortunately, a small toll would be in the noise for commuters given the future outlook of skyrocketing gas prices!