Baptist Health Care supports YMCA @ CMP

March 7, 2013

Mark Faulkner, President and CEO, Baptist Health Care

“Baptist Health Care is excited by the prospect of a new Downtown YMCA facility and the role it can play as yet another encouraging social and economic development opportunity. In locating it at Community Maritime Park, the YMCA would be able to bolster an already tremendous setting that is accessible to people of all walks of life in our community.

At Baptist Health Care, we support this type of initiative because it is directly in line with our own Mission – improving the quality of health in our community. In recent months, findings from a community health needs assessment completed for our area highlighted the importance of like-minded organizations taking ownership in improving community wellness, especially issues such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

As locally owned and operated organization, we have already engaged in discussions about how focusing on these conditions are important to our community.”

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  • Dale Parker March 9, 2013 at 11:02 am

    It is NO SURPRISE that Baptist Healthcare chimed in for Quint Studer in supporting the YMCA at the Maritime Park. All you have to do is look back to where Studer came from, where else, Baptist Hospital! Baptist could give a rat’s ____ about the YMCA or where it is. This is quid pro quo for them.

    Just like the PYP, given relevance during the original CMP vote when they supported that huge bait and switch. I would like to ask everyone of them who swore up and down that the park in the pictures is what was being developed where is the Fishing Village now?

    Now, they are spouting off, 52% will move downtown because they moved the YMCA to the park. I say, put your money where your mouth is, get 52% of their membership to sign contracts on Real Estate in downtown Pensacola … THEN build the YMCA there.

    ALL of this is reminiscent from the support of various groups, daily full page ads, web ads on Rick’s sites, TV Advertisements, a clueless Mayor … all in full court press to build this deadbeat development exacerbating the financial and development opportunities at the park.

    I am curious, why hasn’t the YMCA answered any of Charles Bare’s questions? What is their membership? Revenues? Can they even afford the lease? Parking? Parking during games? Has anyone addressed the fact that by developing those properties would close the gap on the CRA funding the Park Debt?

    AS WE READ THIS, the CRA is shifting 100’s of THOUSANDS of their budget off to the Citizens of Pensacola. They are moving their budget items to the General Fund. See, you were promised that the CRA would fund the debt, but, to do so the Citizens are going to assume the CRA’s expenses! Now, how is that not an end around for the Citizens funding the debt?

    Worse yet! EVEN with these measures the CRA predicts collapse by 2017 or earlier. (I predict earlier) whereas they will not be able to afford the park and ECUA Plant move debt.

    The leaders of Pensacola are inept. The Council NEVER reads anything they approve. Just take someone’s word for it. How can all these “leaders” be so wrong all the time? They HAD TO KNOW that the CRA was incapable of affording these debt loads… that is why to get the bonds the Bond Companies forced the City to put the Citizens on the line. THEY KNEW! Just like a kid in a candy store, they HAD TO HAVE IT and would bankrupt them selves doing it.

    NOW comes the YMCA and we are again to believe the same group of Characters. NOT!

  • Ross Calloway March 9, 2013 at 12:55 am

    I’d like to see what Mark Faulkner, President and CEO, Baptist Health Care, knows about the role, the non-profit YMCA, “can play as yet another encouraging social and economic development opportunity.” For example, how much revenue will it generate for the city? How many new jobs will it create by moving?

    Another word for “opportunity” is also “problem.” Pensacola has so many such opportunities already. The Port, the Bay Center aka Civic Center, the ahem, International Airport, and most recently, the Maritime Park. Are we nuts or just crazy?

  • Ames March 8, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    CJLewis-spot on!
    Health Concerns Are Real-Thanks for posting the study. There is a lot of information of interest in the report and I will summerize with two words–MOVE NOW–50 miles in one direction or 200 in another, snark ;) ’cause if it changes it will likely be for the worst. For those who read a half dozen pages then began moaning about what “those people ought to blah blah blah” they should read on down and contemplate the info on page nineteen.

  • EPenn March 8, 2013 at 9:10 am

    The Baptist statement could be said of a new YMCA at the old ECUA site too. It doesn’t need to be on the CMP.

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