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Bense: Altier has “other opportunities”

November 2, 2012

University of West Florida President Judy Bense said this afternoon that the departure of Matt Altier, vice president of administrative services, “wasn’t unexpected.” She said the two had talked about other opportunities he wanted to pursue.

“I won’t stand in his way,” Bense said. “We both agree, it’s mutual.”

Altier has been with UWF for a little more than a year. He’s known for steering the university in a commercial direction. Bense said the path mapped out by Altier would be followed in his absence.

“The short answer is, we are stopping nothing,” she said.

Altier’s official last day is Feb. 2. Bense said that the VP will go on leave immediately.

“So he can go ahead and pursue other opportunities,” she explained.

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