October 8, 2007

It’s official. School Board member Jeff Bergosh is the “Godzilla” on pnj.com. Bergosh appeared on IN Your Head Radio today to give his side of the story (NewsRadio 1620 AM).

Bergosh said about posting to pnj.com: “When the Pensacola News Journal created an anonymous forum, encouraging use of pseudonyms, as to let people take down their guards and speak in a frank manner regarding political ideas and thoughts, I jumped at the opportunity.”

Read jeff-bergosh.pdf

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  • Yamamoto October 13, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    Honorable Godzilla-san is much busy in Japan, battling Mothra. So sorry he can no make workshop.

  • XYZ October 13, 2007 at 1:19 pm

    Bergosh skipped the board workshop Friday. That’s two months in a row he hasn’t made the meeting.

  • Jerri October 9, 2007 at 8:56 pm

    this was just posted on the PNJ site. I know you dislike the rumor mill stuff and prefer no blogs after a story, that the story needs to stand on its own–I disagree, but whatever–you can tell us if this email is real or not. If real, it seems to be damaging to both PNJ and Arnold.

    Notice how Rabb says suspicion and Arnold confirms the suspicion. No statement that Bergosh admitted to being Godzilla. Rather, the NewsJournal’s Rabb cpmmunicates a suspicion based upon their IT guy and Ronnie confirms that he has a suspicion as well. Mind the date, which 10/3/07. Then on 10/4/07 the story runs that Bergosh admitted this to both of them. Bergosh stated on the radio with Outzen that he was a confidential source for Rabb and that off the record, he admitted to being the lizard king. Bergosh denied admitting anything to Arnold. Seeing Arnold’s post of 10/03/07 versus what he said on 10/04 and today 10/09, there are inconsistincies. Which statement do you believe from Arnold, the earlier or the latter???
    It is amazing what an employee can find laying around the Supt’s office late in the day. This is one public record I am sure they thought would never see the light of day. Come on PNJ address this. How about some honest newswoman somewhere search for truth. Maybe Channel 5, in Mobile could address this. The Truth will set you free. PNJ betrayed trust, Rabb betrayed a confidential source and Arnold, IMHO, lied.

    Check the email string below and you decide

    Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 7:07 pm Post subject: King Richard, where did that email come from?

    It came from one of the 6,000, who has access to public records as well.
    Notice the date. Notice Rabb did not tell Arnod Bergosh Admitted to being Godzilla. Notice Arnold did not tell the Board members that Bergosh was Godzilla. Stories seemed to have changed from 10/3/07 to thereafter. Where is the investigatory journalism of the PNJ. Remember, they will not tolerate dissent. Come on Schneider, answer this one!
    Richard the Lionheart

    From: Jeff Bergosh Wednesday – October 3, 2007 4:56 PM
    To: Arnold, Ronnie; School Board Members
    CC: Dwelle, Jackie; English, Linda; Ross, Norm; Waters, Donna; West, Linda
    Subject: Jeff Bergosh

    To My Fellow Board Members,

    I regret the fact that our Associate Superintendent for Public & Interagency Affairs felt he somehow had the duty to send you the below email regarding alleged posters on the Pensacola News Journal” Blog”. Mr. Arnold and I met two weeks ago on this very subject and at that time he confronted me with his suspicion about posters on a blog. I denied these baseless allegations then, and put the issue to rest. I guess Mr. Arnold wanted or felt compelled to keep this non-story going by sending you what amounts to a continuation of a hunch or suspicion (below email). With a plethora of much more important issues to attend to, I find it quite amazing that Mr. Arnold would feel that this issue had reached the level that it warranted an “explanation” email. Let me assure you it does not.

    I have asked some tough questions at meetings lately, and taken some positions opposite of what some in the district wanted–and therefore it seems as though I have made someone angry. I make no apologies for taking the positions I take on issues I feel passionate about, so I can handle it when folks want to take shots at me. I do not march lock-step with anyone, period. Anyone who knows me knows that. In this particular case, people want to perpetrate accusations and innuendos about me based upon entries someone has made on a blog. WOW–Must be a slow news day! I think the whole thing is quite childish and I certainly hope that the Associate Superintendent for Public & Interagency Affairs can find issues more important to the district to investigate beyond these trivial matters.

    This issue comes to you now because yesterday I was approached by the PNJ Educational reporter, Sara Rabb. Mrs. Rabb and I had a frank discussion on many issues surrounding education in Escambia County. During the conversation, she asked if I was a certain poster on the PNJ blog. I denied it and I laughed because Mr. Ronnie Arnold had also recently accused me of being this blogger. Mrs. Rabb, not knowing that our Associate Superintendent for Public & Interagency Affairs had made the same accusation, may have misinterpreted my reaction. I thought the issue was ironic and humorous, due To Mr. Arnold and others suspecting I was some blog poster— but my amusement was NOT an affirmation. I unequivocally denied this accusation to Mrs. Rabb, and I have spoken with her again to reiterate my position. I would most certainly hope that you, my fellow board members, would take this non-story for what it is, a big nothing.

    Jeff Bergosh
    Escambia County School Board District 1


    >>> Ronnie Arnold 10/3/2007 12:55 PM >>>
    Board Members:

    I am currently in Tallahasse on legislative business. I received a troubling call today from Sara Rabb of the Pensacola News Journal. Sara indicated to me that the PNJ had suspicions about Mr. Bergosh being the blogger named “Godzilla.” She further stated that a search of the IP address used by the blogger belonged to Mr. Bergosh.

    She further stated that in her interview with Mr. Bergosh about this matter, he had indicated that I had questioned him about this a couple of weeks ago. I confirmed that fact.

    While I have been typing this, I have received a call of a similar nature from Rick Outzen of the Indepengret thedent Weekly.

    I would suspect that board members may be receiving calls on this issue as well and wanted to give you a “heads up.”


    Ronnie Arnold, Associate Superintendent
    Public & Interagency Affairs
    The School District of Escambia County
    215 W. Garden St.
    Pensacola, FL 32502
    (850) 469-6135
    (850) 469-6172 (fax)

  • louisiananandproud October 9, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    Or…how about a sci-fi thriller about a Japanese mad scientist who develops a recreates Godzilla to look like an ordinary person who runs for a school board race and wins!

  • Jerry October 9, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    “Monster Eats School Board, Stomps Paper”

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