BP Disaster Crime

BP faces probation

November 16, 2011

I wrote about it two weeks again. BP is serial criminal. Federal prosecutors in Alaska agree. They have alleged BP, one of the three big oil producers operating on Alaska’s North Slope, is “a recidivist offender and repeated violator of environmental laws and regulations.” They are calling for BP to be placed on probation, which it’s been on and off in Alaska since 2000.

If the judge agrees, BP could face additional fines, and the government may bring felony charges stemming from a Nov. 29, 2009 spill in which an 18-inch flow line ruptured at BP’s Lisburne field, dumping 13,500 gallons of oil onto the tundra about half a mile from Prudhoe Bay.

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As I have written repeatedly, BP is not our friend. It should at least have to wear an ankle monitor.

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