BP Disaster

BP to party at Sugar Bowl like its pre-2010

December 28, 2011

Press Release: The Allstate Sugar Bowl Committee yesterday announced the 2012 Gulf Coast Seafood & Tourism Bash presented by BP in conjunction with the Allstate Sugar Bowl and the Allstate BCS National Championship. The Gulf Coast Seafood & Tourism Bash will be a two-week celebration of Gulf Coast seafood, culture and tourism designed to maximize the exceptional amount of exposure the Gulf Coast will receive as it hosts the Allstate Sugar Bowl and Allstate BCS National Championship. In addition to the 140,000 people with tickets to the games, it is estimated that another 150,000 fans will come to New Orleans to cheer on their teams, while millions more will watch the games on television.

The Bash will include Gulf Coast seafood at official Allstate Sugar Bowl and Allstate BCS National Championship galas and pre-game parties; promotional announcements during the games; vacation giveaways to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana; seafood samplings for fans and media in New Orleans, and more.

“The Allstate Sugar Bowl is excited to partner with BP to highlight the unrivaled seafood and culture of the Gulf Coast,” said Allstate Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan. “With college football fans across the country turning their eyes toward New Orleans, there’s no better time to promote the region’s seafood and tourism.”

“We’re working with the Gulf Coast’s seafood and tourism industries to spotlight two of the best things about this unique region,” said Crystal Ashby, BP executive vice president of government and public affairs. “Together, we want to deliver a clear message that the Gulf’s beaches, restaurants, fishing and attractions provide unsurpassed vacation experiences.”

Did BP invite the families of the 11 men killed on the rig?

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