BSoc releases emails

August 21, 2006

partyThe City of Pensacola released its emails (My Analysis of SOC/Email;SOC PRESS CONFERENCE SPEECH) on the Community Maritime Park.

The Independent News got Donovan to release his SOC emails (Donovan emails – 44 pages for your review;Inside the bowels of SOC….be sure to wash your hands).

So Better Save Our City thought it was best we release ours, too.


—–Original Message—-

From: Niles Cobb
Sent: Tuesday,August 08, 2006 2:42 PM
To: sideshowbob
Subject: SOC

There has got to be a way to build a Better Save Our City. Maybe we could kidnap one of the leaders. Then not release them ‘til they let us be in charge. Or better yet, we pretend to kidnap somebody and then we rescue ‘em. We’d be heroes and Luke McCoy would call us great Americans…Then we take over SOC.


-.*-Original Message -*-

From: sideshowbob
To: Niles Cobb
Sent: Tuesday,August 08, 2006 5:38 PM


Thanks for the note. Sorry it took me so long to reply. My mom wouldn’t let me on the computer until after she watched Golden Girls. She’s getting ready for the SOC meeting so I’ve got a few minutes

My preference is we stage a kidnapping and recue them like the A-Team. Can I fly the helicopter?

Must be careful with the ransom note. Mr. Ucci will want to aske a lot of questions and Mr. Elebash will try to pay the ransom with Val Pal coupons.

Keep those comments coming.

Best wishes,


—-Original Message*-*-

From: Martin
Sent: Wednesday,August 09,2006 1:43 AM
To: markyo
Cc: sideshowbob
Subject: SOC (Again!)

Marky,me Boy!

Niles always wants to kidnap somebody, but I think he just likes wearing stockings on his head.

My idea is we pretend we want a better Save Our City, but what we really want is get back the Bayview Senoir Center on Tuesday nights for our Lord of the Rings discussion group.

It sucks having to meet at Niles house.

—-Original Message*-*-

From: CiCi Elephant
Sent: Saturday, August 12,2006 7:49 AM
To: Rick Outzen
Subject Stay on “message”

Dear Rick: You ignorant fool. You have been highly effective in the campaign to turn back the Save Our City. Victory is definitely possible. However you must “stay on message.” You strayed away on the blog and in IN.

Ricky, you got back on the poor. That can wait until later. It is not a pressing issue.

Then, you got off on some tangent about Arts & Entertainment.

The message is no cookies, old farts, the $700 BLAB show, etc. Please stay on it. You detract from the effort when you get off on other subjects. You could lose support for your SOC position from those who oppose the SOC and from those who might think the local A&E hard to digest. Please save those campaigns for another time.

Thanks to you for all you have done to stop the Donovan scheme. Opposition would never have firmed up without your efforts and talents.

Sincerely, CCE

—-Original Message*-*-

From: Gordinlitefoote
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 8:03 AM
To: “The Gang”
Attach: Better Save Our City-SC.Pdf
Subject: Better Save Our CIIY-SC

Please read the attached document, print and sign the attached petition.

It’s time we stop this travesty. SOC is a complete waste. They had no citizen input, no national RFP and no museum. Heck, they don’t have nothing. Bitter people who care only about themselves and a politician who knows how to manipulate them.

We can win. We can build a Better Save Our City.Please forward this email to anyone you feel would be interested.

Thank you, Gordin

-.*-Original Message -*-

From: CiCi Elephant
To: Rick Outzen
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2006 6:49PM
Subiect: WEBY Program

Splendid performance by you!!!
Kenneth Lamb is very un-biased…not.
I doubt that Fairchild would ever appear. You would destroy him!!!
But, if he does, jam the no cookies study down his throat.


-.*-Original Message -*-

From: CiCi Elephant
To: Rick Outzen
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 1:47PM
Attach: Wrong2.doc
Subject: Petition for Impeach Marty referendum

Here are my views on the present situation

I) Better Save our City (SOC) should be focused on getting 8,000 signatures or whatever the goal is. Don’t worry about the referendum until you have the signatures. The referendum campaign will take care of itself after you get 8,000 signatures. Remember, we have two UWF professors to their one.

2) I hope you have a plan to commence collecting signatures the morning after Council fails to pass our motion to impeach Marty, whether it be Sept. 12 or whenever. Don’t wait until Council act before you decide how you will collect the signatures. Be ready to go as soon as Council votes on the project. You want to achieve your goal as soon as possible.

3) Keep on stressing no citizen input, no museum, no national RPF and no cookies.

Victory this time will be sweeter than last time. In 2003 we were just fighting for more concerts at the Civic Center. This time the adversaries are very old men who have already spent $50,000 promoting themselves and who has scared a bunch of old people.

Attached is a Viewpoint I plan to submit as soon as Council fails to impeach Marty.

Thank you for all your god work, best wishes and good luck. — CC

-.*-Original Message -*-

From: JoeFin
Sent:Tuesday,August 06, 2006 1l:21 AM
To: CiCi Elephant
Subject: SOC meeting


We all need to show up to a SOC meeting and blow their support socks off.

Remember, Something is Cool! Joe

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