Escambia County

Bus workers union releases grievances

November 22, 2011

Open letter to Escambia County Commissioners:

Dear Commissioners – please see the attached grievances filed by ECAT employees just in recent days. Please note that the Union would be happy to provide the many many grievances filed in the past year against ECAT / Veolia Management if requested for your review.

Plus note that currently there are approximately 8 unfair labor practices currently filed against Veolia Transportation. If you’d like to receive copies of the Unfair Labor Practices please contact me and I will forward to you.

So this email is FYI

Michael A. Lowery
ATU Florida State Legislative Conference Board!/pages/ATU-Florida-State-Legislative-Conference-Board/153400004672188

Grievance Jackie Holmes 11212011
Grievance Gerri Bell dated November 21, 2011
Grievance Darryl McGruder 11212011

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