Escambia County

Buzz: Economic Development

May 5, 2009

Last Week’s IN cover story, Reindeer Games, has spurred some movement on that front.

We are hearing the BOCC chairman Marie Young will move discussion of the Blue Ribbon Task Force to the next joint meeting for the county commission and Pensacola City Council, which will be sometime this month.

Commissioner Valentino may present his plan at that meeting or he may even do it earlier at the commission’s next Committee of the Whole.

We are also hearing that Valentino and Councilman Sam Hall are talking about how the Pensacola-Escambia Development Council can play a role in Valentino’s plan. If so, Hall hasn’t put anything on his blog about it.

Sam Hall is the councilman who pioneered open government. He committed to taking at least one citizen from this district to every meeting he had with city staff. Now we hear Sam is a member of McGuire’s Irish Politicians Club. Has Sam become what he campaigned against in 2006…an insider?

May will be a very interesting month for Economic Development.

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