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Buzz: Hugh King under investigation for pulling a gun on opponent

April 5, 2012

Hugh King, former Pensacola city councilman and current candidate Escambia County Commission candidate (No Party Affiliation), is under investigation for battery and pulling a gun on Lumon May (Democrat). The incident allegedly happened in Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church after a Trayvon Martin forum. King approached May in the hall at Zion Hope and hit him twice from behind, according to May.

When May asked King to walk outside to get him away from the children in the hall, King walked with him. In the hall, May said King told him to “Watch for the hand.” When he looked at the man’s hand, King pulled a pistol from his pocket. May walked away and went back into the hall.

After talking with his family, May made the decision to report the incident to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.


I was at Zion Hope that night. Lumon, Jerry McIntosh and I were doing a live remote with Robert Hill from WRNE. I didn’t see Hugh King until after the event was over. I didn’t see the incident, but did see Lumon leave the room with King and return a few minutes later….first Lumon and then King. When I shook King’s hand, he smelled of alcohol. It wasn’t until I was walking out with Lumon that he told me what had happened. The incident visibly upset him.

I have been interviewed by ECSO investigators and agreed to hold off reporting this until their investigation was completed. However, I’m hearing that King is trying to turn this event on Lumon claiming that May has been stalking him and that Lumon was the one who pulled a gun on him.

What King doesn’t know is that Lumon was at another event with Mayor Ashton Hayward before driving directly to Zion Hope. He was in the hall before King arrived. There were six to eight Pensacola Police officers in the hall and in the parking lot. Throughout the event, Lumon was talking to parents and kids from his youth leagues. I watched kids come up and hug him. He carried several back to their mothers. He wasn’t carrying a gun.

Looks like Hugh King is spiraling out of control.

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