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Buzz: Kennedy in Pensacola

July 5, 2012

The civil rights and racial discrimination issues with the Escambia County School District are spiraling out of Superintendent Malcolm Thomas’ control.

Attorney Mike Papantonio has confirmed that his firm is looking into the Escambia County School District.

The State NAACP was in town last week and I have been told that their officials were shocked at what has been happening in the Escambia County public schools and some of the statements made by Thomas and the board members in their meetings.

Several groups have begun talking about marches and boycotts regarding mistreatment of Dixon charter school, the lack of African-American teachers and principals, the closure of schools in black neighborhoods and other civil rights issues.

This weekend Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and a group of civil rights attorneys from around the country are meeting with Papantonio. I have agreed to provide copies of our newspaper’s coverage of the issues with the school district and the supporting documentation.

The “sleeping lion” is waking and he has friends.

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