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Buzz: Other races

January 21, 2010


Some locals have been hoping that another Republican would jump into the State Senate race that now has Greg Evers, Dave Murzin and Mike Hill. The name that I heard most often was former Escambia County Commissioner Janice Gilley, but with the state GOP firmly behind Evers, a Gilley campaign seems unlikely.

Don’t expect Comm. Gene Valentino to drop out of his re-election bid. His political office is too important to him. His company, Collector Solutions, doesn’t need him. He will not give his office without one heck of a fight. That being said, don’t be surprised if Dave Murzin enters the race and gives up his bid against Evers.

Grover Robinson has been hurt by the Maplewood/Roads fiasco. Though few people think he did anything illegal, many are questioning his judgment. Still I can’t see Robinson being beat.

In the wings, people are lining up for Marie Young’s seat in 2012. However, I don’t believe Young is ready to give up the seat–the pay is too good and she has nothing else to do. Black politicians in Pensacola rarely give up their seats. Lumon May could run for Young’s seat. Pensacola City Council members Jewel Canada-Wynn and John Jerralds want to run for it. Ronald Townsend isn’t, but appears poised to run for another council term—this is two terms after he said he would retire.

BTW: Ron McNesby is running against Sheriff David Morgan in 2012— or, at least, that’s what he is saying around town.

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