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Saturday August 1st 2015

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Physician arrested in sex predator investigation

Physician arrested in sex predator investigation

On Thursday Jan. 2, deputies arrested Brian Mitchell Lee, 43, of Pensacola, for traveling to meet a juvenile for sex and using a 2-way device to facilitate a felony. In December of 2013, an Escambia County Computer Crimes Investigator began communicating online with an individual who was [...]

National Study shows alarming increase of children living poverty

National Study shows alarming increase of children living poverty

The number of children living in poor neighborhoods has increased dramatically during the last decade in Florida and elsewhere, according to a new report, set for release today, by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. This report comes on the heels of the IN cover story on huge racial disparities in [...]

Are foster children being medicated like schizophrenics?

 The New York Times cited a study published in the Pediatric Journal that appears to reflect that. And keep in mind: All of the programs the studied children came from draw on Medicaid financing. Read the report

Backpack Club gets great response

We've pushed the Bay Area Food Bank's Backpack to fight childhood hunger in our public school system. For $110, supporters can feed a child and his siblings on weekends throughout the year. For $11,000, we can get everyone on the waiting lists at Oakcrest, Weis and Spencer Bibbs enrolled in the [...]

Brownsville Middle School back up for discussion

Nearly a year after Superintendent Malcolm Thomas broke off negotiations with Friendship Missionary Baptist Church for the dilapidated Brownsville Middle School that has been closed since 2007, the Escambia County School Board will discuss it on Friday, Nov. 12 at its workshop. Last December and [...]

Montclair Elementary needs turnaround

The school that is having trouble with the FCAT is Montclair Elementary. It has gone from "A" school three years ago to a "F". It was the turnaround school of the 2007-2008 school year. School Grades 2009-10: F 2008-09: D 2007-08: A 2006-07: F Percentage of students at the lowest level on [...]

Did Thomas write PNJ article?

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas has objected to the latest FCAT scores like most of the other superintendents in the state, but after the state audited the grading process, the state DOE declared they would stand. Here are the final results: Escambia County middle and elementary schools: 11 A's, [...]

Pensacola Promise presentation

Here is Maren DeWeese's Presentation on Pensacola Promise: PART 2 PART 3

Northwest Florida delegation votes for teacher pay plan

State Representatives Dave Murzin, Greg Evers, Clay Ford and Senators Don Gaetz and Durell Peaden voted for Senate Bill 6. In press release from Murzin's office, the state representative said, "I want to thank all the teachers, parents, and constituents for their input. Our teachers are [...]

Pensacola Promise

Pensacola Promise

The special committee working on Pensacola Promise begins its deliberations this week on how the scholarship plan will work. Next meeting is Wednesday, April 7 at 4 p.m. in City Hall. Pensacola’s Promise Plan April 7, 2010 City Hall Agenda Plan Development 4pm: Introduction to the [...]

School violence escalates

NorthEscambia.com is reporting at fight broke out yesterday at Ernest Ward. Seven students were arrested (read more). Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputies said the fight started about 3:50 p.m. as school was dismissed. The fight began between two students on a bus and escalated into an [...]

FCAT Tomfoolery

FCAT Tomfoolery

Dark chocolate supposedly boosts a person's mood. Teachers are putting dark chocolate Kisses on students desks. Also some students are allowed to chew gum while taking the test because it will supposedly keep their minds active. In addition, many Escambia County parents got automated calls from [...]

FCAT prep- is it working? No

FCAT prep- is it working? No

We know that many of our public schools are spending hours of class time preparing for the FCAT tests. In the schools that have the lowest scores, they have replaced most reading, math and science classes with FCAT prep. What has it done? Very little to improve FCAT scores. Let's track the test [...]

Pensacola Promise keeps rolling

Pensacola Promise keeps rolling

Councilwoman Maren DeWeese and her committee continue to work on Pensacola Promise Plan. They expect to complete their work by the end of the month and will make a full presentation in April to the entire Pensacola City Council. Their next meeting is set for Wednesday, March 10 at 4 p.m. in the [...]

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