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Saturday August 1st 2015

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Escambia School District sued by Southern Poverty Law Center

Press Release: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) announced today that it has filed a series of civil rights complaints against Florida school districts that subject African-American students to harsh disciplinary policies at rates that are far higher than for white students. The [...]

DOE appoints interim head

Press Release: The State Board of Education met via conference call today and unanimously approved Pam Stewart, Chancellor of Public Schools at the Florida Department of Education, to serve as interim Commissioner of Education when Commissioner Gerard Robinson steps down August 31. In her [...]

Viewpoint: Baby Colleges needed

From Ora Willa, a retired teacher: Recent editions of the PNJ have brought news that the school district has extended the school day by one hour for students in six schools and will retain failing first graders. These measures may bring the desired result of higher numbers of students [...]

DOE Robinson leaves sinking ship

Florida Department of Education Commissioner Gerald Robinson has submitted his resignation effective at the end of August. The state board is having an emergency meeting tomorrow.

Rev. May celebrates birthday painting Dixon

Rev. May celebrates birthday painting Dixon

Rev. Lutimothy May celebrates his birthday today. Instead of having a big party, the pastor of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church has asked friends to help him paint the halls of A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence, the inner-city school that May and others have helped turn around...the one [...]

DOE miscalculates O.J. Semmes grade

DOE miscalculates O.J. Semmes grade

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that school grades in 40 of Florida's 67 school districts were miscalculated and have been bumped upward---impacting 213 schools. The Florida Department of Education made the announcement late Friday. In Escambia County. only one school was impacted. O.J. [...]

Collegiate High School Open House at PSC

Come learn about opportunities awaiting you during Collegiate High School’s open house.  The community event is 5 to 7 p.m. July 24, in Building 11 at the Raymond B. and Leila Hobbs Center for Teaching Excellence on the main campus of Pensacola State College. The center features cutting-edge [...]

Boom and Bust of Student Loans

Boom and Bust of Student Loans

The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released today its report private student loan market which shows that, according to its estimates, outstanding student loan debt in the United States topped $1 trillion in 2011 — $864 billion of federal student debt and approximately $150 billion [...]

Escambia School District drops to C, ranked 52 in state

Escambia School District drops to C, ranked 52 in state

The Escambia County Public School District is ranked 52 out of 68 districts in the state of Florida, putting it right at the dividing line for bottom 25 percent of the districts in the state. Its 463 points earned the district a "C" grade with only 52 percent of its students reading and performing [...]

Weekend Review

Weekend Review

Our reporter Jeremy Morrison had one heck of week covering local government: Pink Slime Time Asmar, the Union and the “Third Party” EBO Report: ‘Fluff and Stuff’ First Grade and the Long Day Reconnect Disconnect, Part Two ------------------------- The other posts that [...]

First Grade and the Long Day

The Escambia County School District will be taking a couple of new approaches this next school year in an attempt to help students and schools that are behind the curve. A few of the district’s elementary schools are extending the school day an extra hour, while first graders may be held back if [...]

Santa Rosa Schools do well again

The Florida Department of Education released school grades for school year 2011-12 yesterday. In a press release, the Santa Rosa District School District celebrated that its schools remain at the top of the state in performance. In spite of  increased parameters, all of SRC schools remain a [...]

How can district deal with Escambia High School emergency

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas has declared an emergency at Escambia High after a recent fire revealed the school had asbestos in the building. The school district has several options: Hallmark, Allie Yniestra and Spencer-Bibbs are vacant and can be used. We would recommended Brownsville Middle [...]

Gaetz calls for multi-year phase in of new school testing

Gaetz calls for multi-year phase in of new school testing

State Senator Don Gaetz said in a press release that he believes future changes to educational standards should be done over multiple years. He believes there should be a balance between the push to gain new ground and the ability to sustain and internalize the significant learning gains made in [...]

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