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Saturday November 28th 2015

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Santa Rosa Schools do well again

The Florida Department of Education released school grades for school year 2011-12 yesterday. In a press release, the Santa Rosa District School District celebrated that its schools remain at the top of the state in performance. In spite of  increased parameters, all of SRC schools remain a [...]

How can district deal with Escambia High School emergency

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas has declared an emergency at Escambia High after a recent fire revealed the school had asbestos in the building. The school district has several options: Hallmark, Allie Yniestra and Spencer-Bibbs are vacant and can be used. We would recommended Brownsville Middle [...]

Gaetz calls for multi-year phase in of new school testing

Gaetz calls for multi-year phase in of new school testing

State Senator Don Gaetz said in a press release that he believes future changes to educational standards should be done over multiple years. He believes there should be a balance between the push to gain new ground and the ability to sustain and internalize the significant learning gains made in [...]

What schools improved or which ones declined

We have been crunching the sch0ol grade numbers. FCAT 2.0 was tough, but some schools actually improved their scores.  As reported earlier today, A.A. Dixon had the greatest improvement--more than twice the second most improved school, Bellview Middle School.  A. A. Dixon improved 87 points. Only [...]

Will State DOE rescue Warrington Middle

Will State DOE rescue Warrington Middle

Three years into his proclaimed turnaround of Warrington Middle School, Superintendent Malcolm Thomas and his school board must admit that the millions that they have spent on the school have failed to make any improvement.  The middle school has slipped further behind  this past year, scoring [...]

A.A. Dixon outperforms school district

While Superintendent Malcolm Thomas and his school board spent so much time chastising Rev. Lutimothy May and A.A. Dixon Charter School, the district saw two of its elementary schools, West Pensacola and Weis, do worse than the inner-city elementary. In fact, the learning gains in Math and Reading [...]

Escambia County Finalist for Florida’s Top Teacher Award

One of five finalists for Florida’s top teacher will soon be named the 2013 Macy’s/Florida Department of Education Teacher of the Year. This year’s winning teacher will be announced in front of an audience of their peers, family members and friends at the Hard Rock Live at Universal Studios [...]

Pensacola Voice misses Dixon story

Pensacola Voice misses Dixon story

The Pensacola Voice is the area's oldest African-American owned newspaper. It's front-page cover story for the July 5 edition is "A.A. Dixon Charter says School Can Do More." I picked up thinking that I could gain some insight in to how charter school's problems. The article didn't cover last [...]

PSC Makes Top 100 List

For the fourth straight year, Community College Week magazine has named Pensacola State College to its list of Top 100 Associate Degree Producers in the nation. The ranking compares about 1,400 colleges. Community College Week ranks Pensacola State at No. 33 for degrees awarded in Arts and [...]

Buzz: Kennedy in Pensacola

Buzz: Kennedy in Pensacola

The civil rights and racial discrimination issues with the Escambia County School District are spiraling out of Superintendent Malcolm Thomas' control. Attorney Mike Papantonio has confirmed that his firm is looking into the Escambia County School District. The State NAACP was in town last [...]

Thomas didn’t practice what he preached

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas showed up a couple years ago at a ceremony honoring Dr. Michael Thompson, Jr., the pastor of Greater Union Baptist Church. At the ceremony, Thomas stated that he's only regret was that he didn't hire Mrs. Carla Thompson as a principal before Pensacola State College [...]

Buzz: Superintendent takes over asst. principal hiring

We have heard that Superintendent Malcolm Thomas has taken over the hiring of all assistant principal. In the past, principals had that authority. I'm not sure if this is an effort to get more diversity in school administration or control the process and reward Thomas' supporters. The road to jobs [...]

Appointments Called ‘Bogus,’ ‘Joke’

A number of administrative appointees appeared before the Escambia County School Board yesterday to thank Superintendent Malcolm Thomas for their assignments. None of them were black. “It’s a joke,” said Ellison Bennett, president of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership [...]

Malcolm Thomas: Question of Respect

Malcolm Thomas: Question of Respect

Yesterday the Escambia County Public School District redrafted and redrafted an amendment to its contract with the A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence. At no time did the district consult with charter school officials or its attorneys. There were no negotiations between the parties. The [...]

The Dixon Decision

The Dixon Decision

The proposed amendment to A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence’s contract with the Escambia County School District is bittersweet. While potentially sparing the charter of closure this month, the amendment throws the institution into a do-or-die dance with the state of Florida. “It’s [...]

Hightower on A.A. Dixon

Escambia County School Board member Patty Hightower says she doesn’t know what will happen tonight regarding the future of A.A. Dixon charter school, but noted that a recently added item on the board’s agenda may find some support among her cohorts. “I think with the wording that’s here [...]

Fear in the school district

Fear in the school district

Since last week's cover story ("Race & the Classroom") and my Outtakes ("Lily White Leadership"), my phone and Inbox have been flooded with messages from teachers wanting to share their stories of discrimination in the Escambia County Public School District. The teachers' union apparently has [...]

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