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Thursday July 24th 2014

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Black Man, White Robes

There’s a big difference between Daryl Davis and some of the friends he’s made over the years. He’s black and they were in the Klan. In an effort to explore the issue of racism, Davis traveled the dark road of the Ku Klux Klan. He arranged meetings—without revealing his race—and [...]

Thomas to spend $16.5 million on new E.Ward Middle

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas is a numbers guy. When dealing with the African-American community, his mantra is always about numbers. He closed Spencer Bibbs rather than upgrade because of attendance. He threatened to close Lincoln Park for the same reason. Other schools aren't given the same [...]

C-SPAN in Pensacola

You’ve watched it in the middle of the night on television, now come aboard the bus. The C-SPAN Campaign 2012 Bus will be making a couple of stop in Pensacola this Friday. The bus is currently on its Road to the White House tour, named after the channel’s signature political [...]

Elementary Schools Academic rankings

Top 25% Helen Caro #221 Molino Park 236 Suter 294 Pine Meadow 342 Cordova Park 383 Scenic Heights 392 Bratt 402 Top 50% Byrneville 564 Blue Angel 620 Lipscomb 684 Oakcrest 805 McArthur 879 -------------------------------- Bottom 25% Pleasant Grove 1402 Spencer-Bibbs (closed) [...]

Middle School Academic Rankings….not so good

There are 583 middle schools in Florida. Escambia County only has 4 in the top 50%--one of which, Brown Barge, is a magnet school. Top 10% Brown Barge #46 Top 20% Ransom Middle #111 Top 50% Ernest Ward #200 Bailey #225 ------------------------ Bottom 40% Ferry Pass Bottom [...]

High School Rankings – Academic, not sports

Out of 404 public high schools in Florida: Top 25% West Florida #30 Top Third Pensacola High School (courtesy of IB program) #111 Northview High #138 Top Half Washington High #199 Bottom 15% Escambia High #342 Pine Forest High #362

Buzz: Teachers must hand in tax returns to district office

I'm hearing that the District administration is asking teachers send in copies of front page of their federal income tax returns to comply with an internal audit. This seems like a huge invasion of privacy. I thought conservative Republicans ran the Escambia County Public School District.

Blueprint for keeping college affordable

In his State of the Union address, President Obama called for a comprehensive approach to tackling rising college cost. Here's his blueprint: Creating New Incentives to Promote Affordability and Quality • The Race to the Top: College Affordability and Completion will promote change in state [...]

Schools Make Education Fun

Schools Make Education Fun

Taking a break from FCAT preparation, students at A.A. Dixon Charter School were treated to a night of skating at Landmark Skate and Fun Center last night. “Our students have been working very hard,” said Principal Kathy Bearden-Colbert. “We wanted to reward them and let them know we [...]

Dixon and the District and the ‘Steep Hill’

Dixon and the District and the ‘Steep Hill’

School district officials wanted to shut it down. It was $100,000 in the hole and labeled as “failing” by the state. But a semester down the road, A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence is still striving toward its goal. The Escambia County School District gave the charter one academic year [...]

Buzz: Suter to be replaced with $20 million new school

The Escambia County Public School District has closed three schools in African-American neighborhoods. The Superintendent would like to add Lincoln Park and A.A. Dixon to his hit list. The Superintendent isn't as harsh with schools in white neighborhoods. We're hearing that A.K. Suter [...]

UWF Hosts Pulitzer Prize Winner and New York Times Journalist

UWF Hosts Pulitzer Prize Winner and New York Times Journalist

Tonight at 6 p.m., the UWF Department of Communication Arts, School of Fine and Performing and Communication Arts and College of Arts and Sciences will host the 2012 Jerry Maygarden Distinguished Lecture. The event will feature two parts. The first will be a showing of the documentary “Page 1: [...]

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