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Wednesday August 27th 2014

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National Study shows alarming increase of children living poverty

National Study shows alarming increase of children living poverty

The number of children living in poor neighborhoods has increased dramatically during the last decade in Florida and elsewhere, according to a new report, set for release today, by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. This report comes on the heels of the IN cover story on huge racial disparities in [...]

WEAR TV questions how District deals with closed schools

The Escambia County School District has closed 19 schools in the last 12 years. The majority were in African-American neighborhoods. WEAR TV reported on it last night. Unfortunately, the story turned into a real estate advertisement.

Good Report Card for ECARE

Good Report Card for ECARE

ECARE is making progress in its quest to prepare children for kindergarten. One promise ECARE made was to provide tutors for children in pre-k classes at Global Learning Academy. While the number of volunteers is small, the numbers reflecting the progress made is very uplifting. In October and [...]

A. K. Suter construction makes no sense

People are in an uproar over the $25 million proposed road construction on Pensacola Beach, but little is being said about the $21 million the School District wants to spend on a new A.K. Suter Elementary School. A.K. Suter has 367 students. It's enrollment is flat, despite allowing students [...]

Save A.A. Dixon

Save A.A. Dixon

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas has made it known that he plans to recommend in March that the school board issue A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence a 90-day notice of its intent to close the school. The school board can reject it, but, to date, they have been rubber stamps for whatever Thomas [...]

Superintendent misleads PNJ and Board

Superintendent misleads PNJ and Board

On Saturday, the daily newspaper reported that "Escambia County School Board members said they were disappointed the district didn't receive any credit from the school(A.A. Dixon) when the donation (of three school buses) was announced earlier this month." The announcement of which the board is [...]

Gupta and Vena named Sunshine STEM scholars

Preeyal Gupta of Pensacola High and Roman Vena of Pace High have been named among the Florida Panhandle’s highest achieving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students. They will join their peers from around the state Thursday and Friday in Orlando to be honored during the [...]

Allegations surface concerning Navarre High baseball coach

The Daily News reported that former Navarre High baseball coach Mickey O'Quinn resigned after allegations of inappropriate behavior surfaced. O'Quinn was being investigated by the school district for “kissing female students, changing student grades, inappropriate texting to students, [...]

A.A. Dixon Gets a Set of Wheels

A.A. Dixon Gets a Set of Wheels

Buses are something that most schools probably take advantage of, however the strain from renting them has cost A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence $150,000 a year on transportation. Board President, Rev. LuTimothy May took the task on of tracking buses at auctions. He found three, red-lined [...]

Escambia and Santa Rosa counties lag behind in AP exams

The Flordia Department of Education released an announcement that for the third year in a row, Florida had the highest percentage of high school graduates taking an Advanced Placement (AP) exam while in high school according to The 8th Annual AP Report to the Nation® released today by the College [...]

Black Man, White Robes

There’s a big difference between Daryl Davis and some of the friends he’s made over the years. He’s black and they were in the Klan. In an effort to explore the issue of racism, Davis traveled the dark road of the Ku Klux Klan. He arranged meetings—without revealing his race—and [...]

Thomas to spend $16.5 million on new E.Ward Middle

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas is a numbers guy. When dealing with the African-American community, his mantra is always about numbers. He closed Spencer Bibbs rather than upgrade because of attendance. He threatened to close Lincoln Park for the same reason. Other schools aren't given the same [...]

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