Health Care Battle

Health Care Battle Politics

State Capital Briefs

June 12, 2015

‘LIP’ DEAL STRUCK AS BUDGET TALKS CONTINUE Lawmakers have agreed on a formula to divvy up about $2 billion in local, state and federal funding for hospitals, resolving an issue that helped derail the regular spring…

Health Care Battle

House lines up potential health care changes

June 11, 2015

By JIM SAUNDERS THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA After rejecting a controversial expansion of health coverage for low-income Floridians, House Republicans took a far-different approach Wednesday to revamping the state’s health-care system. A GOP-led committee approved…

Health Care Battle

Judge Rodgers orders White House to respond

June 9, 2015

Chief Judge Casey Rodgers has ordered the Obama administration to respond to Florida’s request to have its dispute with the federal government over the continuation of Low Income Pool dollars mediated. She wants the response today.…

Health Care Battle

House, Senate agree on LIP total

June 7, 2015

By BRANDON LARRABEE THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA After months of federal negotiations and proposals floated by Gov. Rick Scott, the House and the Senate, lawmakers on Saturday reached tentative agreements on how much money should…

Health Care Battle

Judge Rodgers to hear Scott LIP lawsuit

June 5, 2015

Chief U.S. District Judge M. Casey Rodgers will hear arguments June 19 in a lawsuit filed by Gov. Rick Scott against the federal government in a dispute about the Low Income Pool health-funding program. Judge Rodgers…

Business Health Care Battle

Scott undermines Senate health care plan

June 3, 2015

Senate Appropriations Committee is tired of the games the Scott administration is playing in the legislative battle over health care. On Monday, state Medicaid director Justin Senior appeared before the House Health & Human Services Committee.…