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Thursday July 30th 2015

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Blues dissed by local officials

Blues dissed by local officials

I've had more than one complaint from business owners that attended the SRIA cocktail party for the Blue Angels and their wives on Friday, July 9 at the Hilton. First, the beach lifeguards were there and talked through most of the presentations. Second, the names and titles of the Blues were stated [...]

Buzz:Beach Businesses Withholding Information

I've heard from several employees of Pensacola Beach businesses that say they are having trouble getting the green light from their employers for BP financial claims. Some are refusing to write the required letter that states that hours have been cut. Anybody have any more information on this? [...]

Buzz: No Barge For Fireworks?

We are hearing there is currently no barge lined up for the Sertoma 4th of July fireworks display. The budget for the barge is roughly $8,000 but the lowest figure the group has found is with a group in Mobile that is charging $12,000.

Buzz: Oil On Sound Beaches

We're hearing there is significant oil coating the shorelines within the Sound. Kayaks and other rented vessels from local beach resorts have been coming onshore covered in layers.

Buzz: Scattered Oil Near Alabama Line

We're hearing reports that oil has dotted the beaches in significant patches from Perdido Key to the Flora-Bama Lounge. From what we've been told, you can't get to the water without getting oil on your feet. Skimming boats have already been working to remove a sheen that began entering Alabama [...]

Buzz: Late night phone calls

Buzz: Late night phone calls

My phone rang several times late last night on several topics. Here the rumors that seem to have some legs - but understand they are only buzz and haven't been proved...yet 1. Commissioner Gene Valentino may not be out of the woods with Gov. Charlie Crist. The governor has the power to remove [...]

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