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Saturday August 1st 2015

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Tom, Ann, Buddy’s Foreclosure?

Pensacola City Council on Monday, will take up the issue of filing a lawsuit against the owners of Tom, Ann, Buddy’s. Frequently attracting the attention of authorities— recently a police officer shot a patron in the parking lot—the bar may also now face foreclosure. The city is looking to [...]

Buzz: Studers have contract to buy other Penko building

We are hearing that the Studers have entered into a contract to buy the other Penko building on the northeast corner of Palafox and Main streets----next to Jackson's. It's another step in the revitalization of downtown Pensacola.

Buzz: Teachers must hand in tax returns to district office

I'm hearing that the District administration is asking teachers send in copies of front page of their federal income tax returns to comply with an internal audit. This seems like a huge invasion of privacy. I thought conservative Republicans ran the Escambia County Public School District.

Buzz: NW Florida key to big victory for Romney

Buzz: NW Florida key to big victory for Romney

At the Mitt Romney rally on Saturday, I got a chance to talk with some of Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign people. They believe Northwest Florida is the key to their Republican candidate having a big win in tomorrow's presidential primary. "If we take this area, then we will have a big win in the [...]

Buzz: United Way employee offered equestrian job

Pam Mauldwin, Volunteer/Social Media Coordinator for United Way of Escambia County, has been offered and, I believe, accepted the manager position at the Escambia County Equestrian Center.

Buzz: Romney coming to Pensacola

I've been able to confirm through two independent sources that former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney will visit Pensacola on Saturday morning. No word on where he will hold his rally, but I suspect it will be downtown Pensacola.

Buzz: Gibbs didn’t get horse job

We're hearing that Forrest Gibbs, the Commission Wilson Robertson supporter that is suing the three commissioners over his losing a job at the county's equestrian center, will not get be hired back by the county. Only in Escambia County get a job under less than straight-forward circumstances, lose [...]

Buzz: O’Sullivan Creel merges with Alabama firms

O'Sullivan Creel announced this morning that it is merging with CPA firms from Montgomery (Wilson, Price, Barranco, Blankenship & Billingsley) and Birmingham, Alabama (Warren, Averett, Kimbrough & Marino). More later.

Buzz: Business Challenge has overflow crowd

The Studer Business Challenge had booked the DIB meeting room for its orientation meeting tonight. By 5:15, the room was so packed that they moved the entire meeting into the big hallway on the first floor of the Rhodes Building and commandeered every available chair they could find - Studer [...]

Buzz: Sexual battery at West Pensacola Elementary

Buzz: Sexual battery at West Pensacola Elementary

The cover-ups continue in the Escambia County school system. A female child was allegedly inappropriately touched by an older student at a bus stop. The third grader tried to tell the bus driver, but was told to be quiet and sit down. She tried to tell her teacher and was told to be quiet and go to [...]

Buzz: City Fire Union Passes New Contract

Buzz: City Fire Union Passes New Contract

My sources inside the City of Pensacola firefighters' union tell me that yesterday they passed the new contract proposed by Mayor Ashton Hayward by a unanimous vote, 88-0. This has to be a first for the city. For those trying to create a wedge between the mayor and the rank-and-file workers, [...]

Buzz: Studers to make big announcement

The word I received late yesterday is the Quint and Rishy Studer will be making a big announcement today that will further increase their investment in this community and add to the momentum of the recent downtown redevelopment. What I love about this is the naysayers went nuts earlier this fall [...]

Buzz: Riggleman and Reds executives coming to P’cola

We are hearing that the Wahoos are planning a big press conference this week, presumably to announce the naming of Jim Riggleman as the manager. The buzz is very positive around downtown about this news.

Buzz: And he is coming to Pensacola

We keep hearing that GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is coming to Pensacola. Not sure if it will be in December, but definitely before Jan. primary.

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