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Monday August 3rd 2015

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Buzz: Attorney General hasn’t been asked to investigate Wilson Robertson

The IN contacted the Attorney General Pam Bondi's office yesterday about Commissioner Wilson Robertson's motion that State Attorney General investigate Wilson and the hiring of Forrest Gibbs as the marketing coordinator at the equestrian center. A week after the motion passed, no one from the [...]

Buzz: Oops, no report cards today

Technology doesn't always work as planned. Yesterday, the daily newspaper drove readers to its website when the print edition wasn't delivered to most places until noon. Today NorthEscambia.com reports that report card day for Escambia County public school students has been delayed because of a [...]

Buzz: Veolia has brought in union busters

Buzz: Veolia has brought in union busters

Veolia Transportation, the French corporation that runs the Escambia County Transit System, has flown into Escambia County 25 union-busting bus drivers to work for ECAT should the workers go on strike. Veolia claims it doesn't have the funds for paying wages and benefits, but apparently has the [...]

Buzz: Two teens arrested for armed robbery

Buzz: Two teens arrested for armed robbery

We have heard that a Warrington Middle School student and an Escambia High School student were arrested yesterday for armed robbery by the Pensacola Police. More evidence to support this week's IN cover story - The Kids Aren’t Alright.

Buzz: Visit Pensacola wins more awards

Last night the Flagler Awards were given out at the Governor's Conference on Tourism. Visit Pensacola with help of EW Bullock Associates won two 1st place awards and one 2nd place award. The Flagler Awards were established by the Florida Commission on Tourism to recognize outstanding tourism [...]

Buzz: Grover & Collier saved Ascend jobs

The Ascend expansion also never happened, but for the work then-Escambia County Commission Chairman Grover Robinson and Chamber Chairman Collier Merrill. Several Ascent executives came to the Chamber's economic development recruitment event at the Hilton during the 2010 Blue Angels show. Collier [...]

Buzz: ECAT workers lowest paid in state; court injunction coming

According to union officials, the striking workers at Escambia County Area Transit make between $!2/hour to a high of $16.47/hour - which makes the lowest paid transit drivers in the state, maybe the entire nation. Over 60 percent of the workers are African-American, and 40% of that number are [...]

Buzz: TDC not going away

Perdido Key Chamber Chairwoman Alison Davenport doesn't have to worry about the Tourism Development Commission going way. It was formed by legislative act and can't be easily dissolved without also doing away with the bed tax that all chambers love. According to the daily newspaper, Davenport [...]

Buzz: Old Stinky gone by Feb 2012

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Executive Director Steve Sorrell told the Chamber board yesterday that the demolition contractor is onsite and the Main Street Sewage Treatment Plant should be demolished in six months.

Buzz: More come forward on Hizer

I received confirmation from an independent source that Denis McKinnon and Chamber CEO Jim Hizer met with shortly after Hizer started at the Chamber. The issue of separating the tourism from the Chamber was brought up and later discussed with the Chamber's management team. Ed Schroeder also brought [...]

Buzz: Hixer may have known about TDC meetings

Buzz: Hixer may have known about TDC meetings

I've been contacted by more than one Chamber insider who have described a February management team meeting at the Pensacola Chamber where Ed Schroeder instructed to provide research and assistance to the McKinnon and the hotel group. Denis McKinnon called this afternoon to say he talked with [...]

Buzz:Red Snapper advisory called charade

GULF COUNCIL RED SNAPPER ADVISORY PANEL MEMBER RESIGNS; CALLS THE PROCESS “A CHARADE" Citing emails from Steven Atran, Population Dynamics Statistician; Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council; Red Snapper Advisory Panel member Captain Dale Perkins resigned on Labor Day: “The whole [...]

Buzz: Mayor creates Pensacola challenge coin

Mayor Ashton Hayward now carries a challenge coin bearing the seal of the City of Pensacola. For a military town like Pensacola that are fitting. A challenge coin is a medallion that bears an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried by the organization’s members. They are given to prove [...]

Buzz: Thomas out to close A.A. Dixon

Buzz: Thomas out to close A.A. Dixon

The word from the Pace Boulevard Palace (Escambia Co. School Administration office) is Superintendent Malcolm Thomas has made up his mind about closing the A.A. Dixon Charter School. Even though Thomas and School Board have given the board 30 days to come back with an improvement, the decision has [...]

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