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Tuesday July 22nd 2014

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Buzz: EDS board fires principal

This email was sent out late last night: November 10, 2011 Dear Parents, The Episcopal Day School Board of Trustees would like to inform you that we have severed our relationship with Beverly Patteson effective Thursday, November 10, 2011. The Board has already initiated a search for [...]

Buzz: GB can’t sell natural gas to beach

The City of Gulf Breeze is building a natural gas distribution line to Pensacola Beach. There is only one problem Energy Services of Pensacola has the franchise rights to all of Escambia County.

Buzz: Did Sandusky pimp boys to donors?

Earlier this morning, Mark Madden dropped a bomb of a rumor about the Jerry Sandusky scandal that, if you can believe it, would make an already stomach ..more.

Buzz: New Pensacola airport title misspelled

Buzz: New Pensacola airport title misspelled

I heard from a very unreliable source that it was supposed to be: "Pensacola Interstellar Airport." The first craft --Hayward 1 -- is being assembled at the port.

Buzz: Who leaked police report with victim’s name?

There is an investigation taking place into who leaked the report on the active investigation of Assistant Public Defender Tony Henderson? The official report given the daily newspaper and IN had all the narrative redacted, including the alleged victim's name. There is a different copy of the [...]

Buzz: TK 101 cuts Candy

We have heard the TK101 has laid off popular DJ Candy. I checked the website and she has been dropped from the on-air roster, which is a sure sign that corporate has made its decision. Looks like she has been replaced by "Rockline" hosted by Bob Coburn. It's Pensacola loss.

Buzz: Attorney General hasn’t been asked to investigate Wilson Robertson

The IN contacted the Attorney General Pam Bondi's office yesterday about Commissioner Wilson Robertson's motion that State Attorney General investigate Wilson and the hiring of Forrest Gibbs as the marketing coordinator at the equestrian center. A week after the motion passed, no one from the [...]

Buzz: Oops, no report cards today

Technology doesn't always work as planned. Yesterday, the daily newspaper drove readers to its website when the print edition wasn't delivered to most places until noon. Today NorthEscambia.com reports that report card day for Escambia County public school students has been delayed because of a [...]

Buzz: Veolia has brought in union busters

Buzz: Veolia has brought in union busters

Veolia Transportation, the French corporation that runs the Escambia County Transit System, has flown into Escambia County 25 union-busting bus drivers to work for ECAT should the workers go on strike. Veolia claims it doesn't have the funds for paying wages and benefits, but apparently has the [...]

Buzz: Two teens arrested for armed robbery

Buzz: Two teens arrested for armed robbery

We have heard that a Warrington Middle School student and an Escambia High School student were arrested yesterday for armed robbery by the Pensacola Police. More evidence to support this week's IN cover story - The Kids Aren’t Alright.

Buzz: Visit Pensacola wins more awards

Last night the Flagler Awards were given out at the Governor's Conference on Tourism. Visit Pensacola with help of EW Bullock Associates won two 1st place awards and one 2nd place award. The Flagler Awards were established by the Florida Commission on Tourism to recognize outstanding tourism [...]

Buzz: Grover & Collier saved Ascend jobs

The Ascend expansion also never happened, but for the work then-Escambia County Commission Chairman Grover Robinson and Chamber Chairman Collier Merrill. Several Ascent executives came to the Chamber's economic development recruitment event at the Hilton during the 2010 Blue Angels show. Collier [...]

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