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Sunday February 1st 2015

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Whale test results expected today

This past weekend the Coast Guard and BP tested the oil tanker, called "A Whale" and owned by Taiwan Maritime Transport Co. Ltd., that has been modified to skim oil. It was tested for safety and environmental standards before being put into service. The test results should be released today. The [...]

Independence Day speech

Independence Day speech

We can't celebrate the Fourth of July without at least good one good movie speech. My personal favorite is from "Independent Day"--which I think has significance as we battle this BP oil disaster and invasion of tar balls: Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others [...]

Say it ain’t so, Bobby Jindal

We found out on Friday that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has vetoed a bill that would have required him to preserve and make public all documents his office handles regarding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. Jindal said the legislation would have hurt the state's position in future [...]

“I wouldn’t go into the water today”

From Washington Post: Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson visited Pensacola Beach on Saturday, her first trip to Florida and her sixth to the gulf since the spill began. Jackson said that despite the level of contamination on the beaches, it should be up to local officials [...]

Experienced Wildlife Observers Needed

From Emerald Coastkeepers: Audubon is pre-screening wildlife observers for oil spill cleanup activities. This is important work. Cleanup activities pose significant threats to wildlife and habitats. Official beach cleanup crews responding to the oil spill will now be required to have a [...]

Gulf Shores, Orange Beach taken over by BP

Saturday afternoon, I drove to Gulf Shores to survey the damage caused by the BP oil. The tar balls have been driven much higher on the beaches at Perdido Key. The BP globs littered the beach at 2:30 p.m.---the tar balls were a good 20 yards above the tide line. In the gulf, you could see one of [...]

BP’s love for numbers

BP’s love for numbers

I reviewed my posts on the BP oil disaster. BP has had a love for statistics from the very beginning. Sadly many of them are meaningless. My first encounter with BP was May 1 when Gov. Charlie Crist came over to meet with BP, Coast Guard and county officials---the meeting that I was kicked out [...]

News: BP builds unnecessary facility

Mobile Press Register: BP has built a vast boat cleaning facility at Boggy Point in Orange Beach, Ala. But in bringing in a company from Alaska to staff it, the oil company has angered Saunders Yachtwork, which has a facility with similar capabilities only 600 yards away and has asked for the work [...]

Why has BP not brought us skimmers?

Biloxi Sun-Herald: From Washington to the Gulf, politicians and residents wonder why so few skimming vessels have been put to work soaking up oil from the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. Fred D. McCallister, vice president of Allegiance Capital Corp. in Dallas: “By sinking and dispersing the [...]

and dumped over degraded oil on LA beaches

From SaveOurShoresFlorida: The sand covering most of the beach was of a much different consistency from the beach closer to the water (very gritty and filled with broken shells). There were lots of piles of sand dumped on the beach as well as the sand covering everything else. After shooting this [...]

Senate Committee on BP Disaster to meet here

Sen. Don Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, announced today that the Senate’s Select Committee on the Economy will meet on July 12 here to examine the impact of the oil spill on the economy. Gaetz has asked Gov. Charlie Crist for a schedule of when funds received from BP will be used to combat the [...]

Latest Health Advisory: July 2

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 2, 2010 PR005 Health Officials Post Oil Impact Notice for all Escambia County Gulf beach waters PENSACOLA -- Due to the presence of oil products related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and the ways the oil is affected by dynamic changes in tide, current, [...]

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