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Monday August 3rd 2015

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Additional Boom Closures & Tar Ball Sighting

Escambia County Press Release: Boom will be deployed in the following three areas: Davenport Bayou Star Lake Palafox Marina Absorbent boom is being placed along the protective boom in the following locations reported earlier this evening: Kees Bayou Russell Bayou Perdido Key Cove The [...]


Press Release: As Wildlife Death Tolls Climbs, PATH Inc., Calls On US Department of Interior and US Department of Justice To Take Action To Save Wildlife People Protecting Animals & Their Habitats – PATH Inc. – is calling on U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to take over management and [...]

Perdido Pass closed

Escambia County officials have confirmed that USCG Captain of the Port for Sector Mobile authorized the closure of Perdido Pass at 5:30 p.m. today, June 9.

BP apologizes for pool media

Lucia Bustamante, BP spokesman, apologized for how the media event was handled today. "I didn't mean that you weren't to be invited. Our contractor was told to have the media decide who would be in the pool." -Bustamanate

Complete communication breakdown

Escambia County and the Florida DEP did not learn about oil breaching the Alabama booming system at Perdido Pass. It was until the 3:30 p.m. statewide conference call that officials learned from the Mobile Unified Command that Alabama was skimming oil at the pass and that there was a sheen in [...]

Buzz: Oil is in the Intercoastal waterway

EOC has delayed the press conference so we're waiting to get more information. I was asked not to send my report on the conference call, but I felt the news was too important to pass. Three skimmers, USS Cypress and the Vessels of Opportunity are ready to help catch the oil in the bay. Escambia [...]

EOC: Oil in Perdido Bay

EOC is getting reports of heavy oil and mousse on the Alabama-Florida state line and in Perdido Pass. State officials are complaining that BP and the Unified Command aren't reporting back to them on what they are seeing. Mobile Press Register is reporting that booming has not worked at the [...]

Buzz: Scattered Oil Near Alabama Line

We're hearing reports that oil has dotted the beaches in significant patches from Perdido Key to the Flora-Bama Lounge. From what we've been told, you can't get to the water without getting oil on your feet. Skimming boats have already been working to remove a sheen that began entering Alabama [...]

BPGlobal PR Asked To Identify Spoof

This week BP asked the creaters of the BPGlobal PR Twitter feed to identify that it is fake. http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/06/09/a-bp-parody-is-asked-by-bp-to-declare-that-its-not-real/ The "about me" box on the account now reads: "“We are not associated with Beyond Petroleum, [...]

EOC: Delegation speaks out

State Reps. Dave Murzin, Clay For and Greg Evers, Tax Appraisers Chris Jones (Escambia), Pete Smith (Okaloosa) and Greg Brown (Santa Rosa), Lisa Berneau from Esc. Clerk of Court addressed the media at the EOC today. Our concern is thinking ahead. Property values have been dropping. This has been [...]

BP says ban was a symantics error

Associated Press is also upset about being dropped from the pool media event today. Mayor Mike Wiggins expressed his anger at AP, WCOA and the IN from being excluded. He demanded that BP do more tours for the media. Harold "Cliff" Sanders, a former FEMA employee who has been hired by BP to be [...]

Sheriff wants BP to sign agreement

On WCOA, Sheriff David Morgan said that he is recommending to Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum that the Florida and all the other Gulf states impacted by the BP oil disaster. He wants BP to sign a 30-year contract to cover all the expenses and losses associated with this disaster. Checks [...]

Facts continue to belie BP statements

Yesterday BP spokesperson Lucia Bustamante told us that all claims were be handling within seven days. This morning, we learn that Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen has sent a letter to BP CEO Tony Hayward sharply criticizing British Petroleum for taking too long to process compensation claims filed by [...]

Beast Corps: 594 birds, 250 sea turtles dead

Beast Corps: 594 birds, 250 sea turtles dead

By Beast Corps Jen Bullock For nearly four weeks after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, British Petroleum insisted to journalists and government representatives that the amount of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico was around 5,000 barrels a day. As scientists and academics began to run their [...]

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