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Thursday July 31st 2014

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BP blocks media access

BP Blocking Media Access? Great interview from New Orleans TV station WDSU TV.

BP Suttles here today

Got this advisory last night at 9:46: BP COO Doug Suttles to Visit Area on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Doug Suttles, the Chief Operating Officer, Exploration and Production, BP, will visit the area Tuesday, June 22, 2010. Scheduled events are: 10:15 a.m. Visit to Fort Pickens [...]

Unofficial transcript of Touart-Valentino phone call

On Sunday, the Pensacola News Journal published an article on a taped conversation between former County Administrator George Touart and County Commissioner Gene Valentino. Valentino was making the call with the State Attorney's office listening in because he believed that Touart was trying to [...]

Pensacola Beach – CNN’s Building Up America

"Today is the first official day of summer, but across the Gulf Coast, beaches sit empty. People who depend on tourism dollars are wondering how they're going to make ends meet. But in Florida, most of the state's beaches are still untouched by the oil. Businesses are banding together to get the [...]

Beach Update – June 21

Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key Update Monday, June 21 - 11:00 a.m. - Update #18 If you see tar or oiled debris on the beach. DO NOT PICK IT UP. Report it to 1-877-389-8932 (new number) or #DEP from a cell phone. DO NOT TOUCH OILED OR INJURED WILDLIFE. Report it to 1-866-557-1401. * [...]

Want a job building the stadium?

Press Release: The Maritime Park project is providing job opportunities for the Pensacola area. Workers primarily in the construction trades are needed now, but once the park opens other jobs will open to help in the operations of the park. Below and attached is information about the Workforce [...]

BTW: NMTC tax credit payback is $19M

I've checked with city officials. The multi-use stadium is part of the NMTC contract that has been executed. The $12M has already been received. If somehow Marty Donovan and Jack Nobles were successful in stopping the stadium construction, the City has to pay back $19 million----meaning, Marty, the [...]

News: Gulf Region Roundup

Daily News (FWB): Worst fear, greatest hope: Hands Across the Sand buoyed by worldwide support ---At 11 a.m. on Saturday, at 417 sites in roughly 300 cities in 43 states and 12 countries, concerned people will go to their nearest beach and join hands in solidarity against offshore oil drilling. [...]

Donovan/Nobles petition can’t stop stadium

The petition drive by Marty Donovan and Jack Nobles doesn't stop the construction of the multi-use stadium at the Community Maritime Park. The Donovan/Nobles petition is about the Design & Build contract---which was passed to break up the construction of the entire park into separate components and [...]

Should MMS require relief wells?

Maybe a more productive requirement from new and improved Minerals Management Service would be to require all current to begin drilling relief wells. The wells would provide added safety and create more jobs offshore. It's probably too simple of a solution.

News: Has BP disaster saved Crist?

The Daily Beast also reports: Once left for dead in his Senate campaign against Marco Rubio, Florida governor Charlie Crist has used the BP spill to show leadership and rise in the polls. ...It would be a painful irony for the GOP if the oil slick approaching the nation’s shores caused one of [...]

The Beast: BP Makes Friends

The Daily Beast's Rebecca Dana reports today: The world may have turned against the oil giant, but in one city near the Gulf spill cleanup, The Daily Beast’s Rebecca Dana finds a vibrant temporary economy and oddly peaceful cultural hash in the bayou heat. Read more.

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