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Wednesday April 1st 2015

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BP cuts $5K checks to $1K

BP cuts $5K checks to $1K

In the beginning of this BP oil disaster, I reported how BP initially tried to get fishermen to sign waivers when they joined the Vessels of Opportunity. I was able to get a copy of one of the waivers, which we showed the nation on MSNBC's "Countdown." BP later claimed the waiver was mistakenly [...]

Buzz: BP changes claim rules again

BP has brought in CPAs from Chicago and Miami to process the claims from local businesses. The oil giant has bought hours in bulk from these firms and shipped the accountants to Pensacola. Meanwhile, the rules have changed again on the claims that local businesses can submit.---this is the [...]

Gas Station Owners Pulling BP

With the boycotts and hatred towards BP, many gas station owners with the brand are pulling the plug in an effort to generate revenue. http://www.freep.com/article/20100707/BUSINESS06/7070307/BP-gas-station-owners-switching-brands-as-customers-boycott

Beach Update: July 7

Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key Update Wednesday, July 7 - 10:00 a.m. - Update #31 If you see tar or oiled debris on the beach. DO NOT PICK IT UP. Report it to 1-877-389-8932 (new number) or #DEP from a cell phone. DO NOT TOUCH OILED OR INJURED WILDLIFE. Report it to [...]

News: WEAR TV interviews ex-clean up worker

WEAR: "Many people say they haven't been doing their job properly. Tonight one of those workers is coming forward, telling the public you are right to be angry." Read more.

Reporter asks: Are BP executives from outer space?

Tom McLaughlin of the Daily News writes on his blog about how BP's Bryant Chapman handled the town hall meetings in Okaloosa and Walton counties. If it weren't so sad, it would be highly amusing watching BP executives in action. For example, at a meeting in Okaloosa County, BP vice [...]

News: BP delayed decision for help

Bloomberg reports that Helix Energy Solutions Inc.’s offered in April its floating platform to help with BP oil recovery, but it took BP six weeks to accept the offer. BP notified Helix June 10 that it wanted to lease the Helix Producer I platform to augment two other vessels that are [...]

Could BP default on loans?

Bondsquawk.com reports that investors believe there is a higher probability of BP defaulting within one year than in five. BP was spending $6 million a day when the spill began, but that cost has soared to $100 million a day as the slick has spread and efforts to cap the leaking well have [...]

Escambia County Disaster Update: July 6

We've asked for six skimmers. Said we would settle for three and are getting one. Escambia Disaster Response - Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Tuesday, July 6, 4:00 p.m. - Update #62 (Day 78 of the oil spill response) * Perdido Key reported an average coverage of 10 to 15 percent with an [...]

BP changes Vessels of Opportunity

Just got off a BP media conference call on the Vessels of Opportunity program. After eights weeks since the first VOO contract was signed, BP is reconfiguring the program. Judith Labanski (spelling?), who heads the VOO program at the Mobile Unified Command Center said that BP will utilize air [...]

BP says county boom contracts excessive

BP Incident Commander Bryant Chapman sent Florida DEP Secretary Mike Sole an email on June 30 regarding a request for reimbursement of $3.5 million of the operational costs incurred by Escambia County that were "above and beyond the costs covered by the $50 million granted to the state of Florida." [...]

News: National Geographic reports BP oil under sand

During a series of digs, oil patties and tarballs were found just beneath beaches dirtied by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The discoveries suggest that toxic oil lies hidden under even "clean" patches of beaches along the U.S. Gulf Coast—and that oil-spill cleanup crews are only scratching the [...]

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