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Sunday May 3rd 2015

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Text from the BP battlefront

This text message was forwarded to me: I hope someone will take some initiative soon. The Coast Guard skimmer vessel also told Jerry they could not skim oil in the presence of sargasso weed. There is sargasso weed everywhere offshore beginning around 20 miles and stretching all over the loop [...]

Photos taken 60 miles SSW of Pensacola…

Photos taken 60 miles SSW of Pensacola…

These photos were emailed to me:

Dignataries want to see the oil

From Escambia County EOC: The Emergency Operations Center is expecting visits from three state/federal officials today, Thursday, June 3. - Attorney Bill McCollum at 12:30 p.m. - Senator Bill Nelson at 1:30 p.m. - Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink at 2 p.m. - Jack Bauer at 3 p.m. - [...]

Pensacola City Council proves helplessness

Remember the outrage over the BP boom cleaning operations in Bayou Chico. City Attorney Rusty Wells gave the Pensacola City Council memo on how they could require a security bond from BP and its subcontractors. Showing bold and courageous leadership, the Council tabled the issue. Today there are [...]

BP’s Pleasure Fleet

BP’s Pleasure Fleet

For the past two days, I've been investigating BP's much-touted Vessels of Opportunity program. One thing is certain about BP now that we’re in our sixth week of the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history—if BP is bragging about something then we know the facts will belie the hype. The [...]

And so the fight begins

And so the fight begins

BP oil will start washing up on our shores soon. It's critical we stay focused, holding BP accountable for this mess. Their representatives need to realize this isn't as game or a nice summer vacation....this is our way of life. My family and friends know I can't back down from a fight, [...]

June 3 issue: The Power List

June 3 issue: The Power List

Independent News June 3, 2010 COVER STORY POWER SHIFTS IN 2010 The past year has been a tough year for area power brokers. The collapsing real estate market and financial crisis have greatly impacted the local economy. For many, influence has been tied to their checkbooks, and when [...]

Latest report from DH Unified Command

Critical response assets are being moved across all the Gulf Coast states in preparation for potential near- and long-term oil impacts. In Alabama, the Coast Guard Cutter Cypress arrived in Mobile Bay today to protect Dauphin Island from the north and west. Tomorrow, we will commence a surge of [...]

Buzz: Oil slick looks like diarrhea

Had a guest at Martini Night stop and tell me that her husband had to drive through the oil slick to fish in the Gulf. He describe it as looking like diarrhea. I had another person call me and describe the slicks as "lily pads of brown oil"---the Palm Beach Post article used the same description.

Buzz: Orange Beach mayor blasts BP

While Pensacola Mayor Mike Wiggins is singing kumbaya with BP, Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon blasted BP representatives a town hall meeting. Kennon is upset over the boats in the Vessels of Opportunity program not being paid and on how BP and its Unified Command Center have dragged their feet on [...]

Gaetz Says Response Overdue for Northwest Florida

State Senator Don Gaetz (R-Destin) spoke at a Gulf Breeze Area Chamber of Commerce meeting on Wednesday, telling local officials and citizens that the $25 million given by BP for Florida’s tourism must initially be used in our area. “We were at day 35 and not one thing had been done by VISIT [...]

News: BOP failed 62 times in three years

The Christian Science Monitor reports: The 2009 BOP reliability report: One safety-critical failure was so severe that, if a blowout had occurred at the time of the test, "they would not have been able to contain it." In 2009, a reliability study of Blow Out Preventers (BOPs), funded mainly by [...]

Report from another vessel of opportunity (uncensored)

We are just coming into Mobile Pass. Left the beer can rig at 4:00. Left out Sat night and been in the worst shit you have ever seen. If you can imagine the most perfect grass line, we have found them all and it's nothing but oil. islands the size of football fields to lines twice the width of the [...]

Buzz: Fishermen ordered not to wear respirators

I just received a phone call from a charter boat captain upset over what he is hearing from his fellow captains that are in the Vessels of Opportunity program. The boats are sent daily to find the oil slicks. When the oil is found, the captains aren't to notify anyone but BP. The boat is stay on [...]

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