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Monday January 26th 2015

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Donovan/Nobles petition can’t stop stadium

The petition drive by Marty Donovan and Jack Nobles doesn't stop the construction of the multi-use stadium at the Community Maritime Park. The Donovan/Nobles petition is about the Design & Build contract---which was passed to break up the construction of the entire park into separate components and [...]

Should MMS require relief wells?

Maybe a more productive requirement from new and improved Minerals Management Service would be to require all current to begin drilling relief wells. The wells would provide added safety and create more jobs offshore. It's probably too simple of a solution.

News: Has BP disaster saved Crist?

The Daily Beast also reports: Once left for dead in his Senate campaign against Marco Rubio, Florida governor Charlie Crist has used the BP spill to show leadership and rise in the polls. ...It would be a painful irony for the GOP if the oil slick approaching the nation’s shores caused one of [...]

The Beast: BP Makes Friends

The Daily Beast's Rebecca Dana reports today: The world may have turned against the oil giant, but in one city near the Gulf spill cleanup, The Daily Beast’s Rebecca Dana finds a vibrant temporary economy and oddly peaceful cultural hash in the bayou heat. Read more.

Deepwater drilling moratorium documents

We have the actual documents from the Department of Interior on the six-month moratorium: The Six-Month Deepwater Moratorium as set forth in this Notice to Lessees and Operators (“Moratorium NTL”) directs you to cease drilling all new deepwater wells, including any wellbore sidetracks and [...]

Fox News and WSJ side with BP

The anti-Obama Conservatives are lining up with BP against the communities damaged by the Deepwater Horizon well. On this weekend's John Fund of The Wall Street Journal said that $20 billion fund is going to turn the United States into a “banana republic” and repeats the Republican meme of the [...]

Evansville columnist on Pensacola Beach vacation

Rich Davis writes for the Evansville, Ill. Courier & Press. He recently wrote about his annual vacation to Pensacola Beach: "We saw maybe two of the rumored (and gooey like brown pudding) tar balls the media yapped about." "...We were fine — filing away memories of this pristine place — [...]

News: BP well gushing 4.2M gallons daily

The new estimate is staggering--4.2 million gallons per day. This means that in three days Deepwater Horizon exceeded Exxon Valdez. This 100,000/bbl per day estimate that we had heard from insiders two weeks ago, but it seemed to be unreal. At the time, BP and its Unified Command Center were [...]

On TLC Tonight

I will be on TLC tonight for a show about the Billings murders - 9 pm Central; 10 pm Eastern. Home Invasion Murders: The Billings and The Petits TV-PG (SV), CC It's every family's worst nightmare: the home you once considered safe and secure is the site of a terrible crime. The Petit family [...]

Tea Party Dirty Tricks

Young Turks expose Tea Party Dirty Tricks:

BP is burning sea turtle alive

Mike Ellis is a boat captain who's been rescuing the endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtles near Deepwater Horizon. He's got some pretty horrifying news to share: BP is burning turtles caught in the oil spill and turning away rescue workers who want to save them. (via BuzzFeed).

News: Bay County has its turn

Panama City News Herald: Cleanup crews were stretched out along western Bay County beaches Saturday, picking up the first coined-sized tar balls and smaller tar “flecks” from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that residents and officials have dreaded for weeks but knew were coming. Read more.

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