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Sunday March 29th 2015

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Do you see it, too?

Every time a BP exec comes to Pensacola whatever he says "blows up" the next day. Vessels of Opportunity: They brag about how they are putting fishermen to work. My investigation revealed that they signed up sailboats and ski boats. Claims: They brag about how claim has been denied and that [...]

More photos: Pensacola Beach June 23

More photos: Pensacola Beach June 23

These photos are from Kim Carmichael, a professional photographer that was helped us see what is really happening. I've started to wonder if I should add the year to my titles. Mr. Suttles and Mr. Hayward, when will Pensacola Beach get its life back? Kim sent me this note with the photos: Note [...]

Buzz: BP fails Pensacola Beach

On the day the Pensacola News Journal gives front-page coverage to BP exec Doug Suttles, who assures readers that there is no oil near the shores of Pensacola Beach, the beach is covered with oil. There was a complete breakdown in communication, yet again, from BP and the Unified Command Center [...]

LeMieux is upset about Pensacola Beach

Senator LeMieux speaks on the floor of the U.S. Senate about a recent report that oil is washing ashore Pensacola Beach, FL. LeMieux is outraged that most of this oil washing ashore could have been prevented with more skimmers working in the Gulf of Mexico.

School District Backtracks

We were initially told the School District has two offers for the Brownsville Middle School building. Now it looks like there hasn't been any serious offers on the table yet. Here is an e-mail from Shawn Dennis regarding a public records request we sent: "Please be advised, upon review of [...]

Questions Suttles should have been asked

BP COO Doug Suttles flew into Pensacola yesterday. He visited Ft. Pickens to watch workers clean up a relatively light mess on the beach there. He went to the Santa Rosa Island Authority offices for a talk on worker safety and then he visited a claim center on Navy Blvd. Suttles wrapped up his [...]

Special City Council Meeting With BP

Tomorrow, the Pensacola City Council will hold a special committee of the whole meeting at 5 p.m. at City Hall that will allow residents to voice concerns and ask questions about BP's current staging operation in Bayou Chico. BP reps are expected to be on hand.

SRIA closes Pensacola Beach

Gulf Closures on Pensacola Beach Significant quantities of emulsified oil are in the near shore waters and coming ashore along much of the Gulf front on Pensacola Beach. This has necessitated that the Escambia County Health Department place signage along the Gulf beaches advising beach patrons [...]

Two Buyers For Brownsville Building?

Escambia County School District Assistant Superintendent for Operations Shawn Dennis told the IN today there are currently two “potential buyers” lined up for the abandoned Brownsville Middle School building. “I’ve seen one offer and expect another offer this next week,” he said. [...]

News: Deepwater Horizon uncapped – gushing freely

Via Mother Jones: After an accident involving the containment system, the Gulf gusher is spewing oil at full force yet again. Here's the breaking news blast from the Washington Post: Adm. Thad Allen said Wednesday that an accident triggered the removal of a containment cap on the oil geyser. [...]

Spirit Airlines Using Oil As Promotion

Spirit Airlines is using promotion on its website that relates the oil crisis on the Gulf Coast to oiled beauties on the beach. The promo called "Check Out The Oil On Our Beaches" features pictures of women tanning in oil at various beach destinations the airline provides. Too soon, [...]

Buzz: Pensacola Beach has issues

We are hearing the clean-up crews at Pensacola Beach don't have enough rakes to clean up the brown tar balls. There is no way that they can pick up the mess with their hands. There is a Santa Rosa Island Authority meeting tonight. You can bet that it will be lively.

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