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Saturday October 25th 2014

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The Fluoride Debate

Escambia County United Against Fluoridation (ECUAF) is hosting Dr. Paul Connett at the Silver Screen Theatre on Tuesday at 7 p.m. for a discussion on the harmful effects of fluoride in our water. Connett was originally speak before the ECUA Citizens Advisory Committee on Thursday, but the [...]

Oil hits Sound side of Pensacola Beach

Oil hits Sound side of Pensacola Beach

Oil has reached the neighborhoods on the beach SOUND side including the grass beds in and around Lafitte Cove (Peg Legs). Heavy oil is in the sound and entered the pass subsurface. Email from reader: The oil has arrived on our beach. It's coming in very small to palm size tar balls and also [...]

Road closures

The following roads will be closed from 5 to 9 p.m. today within the city limits of Pensacola for the Presidential visit: Garden Street to Alcaniz Street and Interstate 110 entrances and exits south of Cervantes Street. From 8 to 11 a.m. Tuesday, the following streets will be closed: Pensacola [...]

Buzz: Are there more leaks at well site?

We heard a rumor last week that there was a rupture on the casing that prevented "top kill" from working. The rupture is somewhere below the floor of the Gulf and that opening allowed the mud to escape. I have heard several references regarding other leaks throughout this ordeal. There have been [...]

DEP Update

Landfall Reports and Predictions: Reconnaissance missions are ongoing. On June 14, as of noon, light sheen, streamers of weathered oil and tar balls were detected within five miles of Pensacola Pass. On June 13, dime to five inch-sized tar balls and tar patties were found in widely scattered [...]

Wiggins skewered on Daily Show forum

Pensacola Mike Wiggins is getting compared to Jaws' Mayor Vaughan by a blogger on the Daily Show forum. Read more.

Innovation Improves Tar Ball Removal

Innovation Improves Tar Ball Removal

From Unified Command: The crew of one of the thousands of Vessels of Opportunity (VOO) working in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill recently recovered approximately two tons of tarball material in the Gulf of Mexico. The recovery was the result of the kind of creative thought and [...]

Tallahassee Thievery

Tallahassee Thievery

Escambia County has seen the State of Florida take all the $25 million BP block grant for clean-up and recovery. The County has been told to go to BP for any reimbursement. The state has reneged on its commitment to help us. Gov. Crist loves to talk about how resilient and hardy Floridians...he [...]

Photos from Santa Rosa Sound

Photos from Santa Rosa Sound

Oil is getting through Pensacola Pass and into Santa Rosa Sound. Photos courtesy of Kim Carmichael:

EOC: Update June 13 4:30 pm

Two plumes south of Pensacola Pass - a large plume of weathered oil nine miles out, it's two miles wide and 40 miles long; non-weather oil plume three miles out. BP is working for a decontamination station for washing recreational boats. DEP is working on an alternative plan for [...]

Chance to Speak in DC

CLEAN ENERGY WORKS GULF COAST FLY-IN Information for Potential Participants WHAT - Clean Energy Works (CEW) is a coalition of organizations, including National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, Environment America, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, The Audubon Society, [...]

More photos from Santa Rosa Sound

More photos from Santa Rosa Sound


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