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Sunday April 20th 2014

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Facts continue to belie BP statements

Yesterday BP spokesperson Lucia Bustamante told us that all claims were be handling within seven days. This morning, we learn that Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen has sent a letter to BP CEO Tony Hayward sharply criticizing British Petroleum for taking too long to process compensation claims filed by [...]

Beast Corps: 594 birds, 250 sea turtles dead

Beast Corps: 594 birds, 250 sea turtles dead

By Beast Corps Jen Bullock For nearly four weeks after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, British Petroleum insisted to journalists and government representatives that the amount of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico was around 5,000 barrels a day. As scientists and academics began to run their [...]

Why I am banned?

BP has two major problems: 1) The oil sheen is now at the Pensacola Pass and shrimp boats are trying to skim it up with absorbent boom. 2) This health advisory: Effective immediately, in response to a report by the Escambia County Emergency Operations Center of numerous tar balls, the Escambia [...]

Outzen banned from press conference

I received this email about this BP press conference: Four media outlets will provide recorded pool video, audio and information for an interview early Wednesday morning with BP's head of operations at the Bayou Chico facility, Pete Benson. Mr. Benson will meet these four media outlets (Miami [...]

Buzz: Obama next week

President Obama will visit Miss., Ala., Fla. on Mon-Tue.

Mousse at Perdido Key

Buzz: Patches of oil mousse have been sighted at Perdido Key. Not verified. Between Eden and Indigo.

Spill Could Cost State $10.9 Billion

The Florida Today reports that the BP spill could cost the state as many as 195,000 jobs and $10.9 billion in economic activity. http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20100608/BREAKINGNEWS/100608009/1006/NEWS01/UCF+economist+calculates+oil-spill+losses

Frustrations rise over BP oil disaster

Frustrations rise over BP oil disaster

We have reports that BP clean-up workers are being harassed when they take breaks in the 90+ degree heat. Some were reportedly even pulled off the beach. The EOC reports some of these workers have been on the beach since 5:30 a.m. Yesterday a reporter was arrested and charged with battery for [...]

What does BP need to do to make it right?

I asked County Commissioner Grover Robinson what would BP needs to do make it right---as they claim they will do in their ads. “If they were going to make it right, they would begin right now asking what are the resources we need," said Commissioner Robinson. "They’ve been here five days. [...]

Hayward To Testify On Capitol Hill

The Washington Post is reporting that  BP CEO Tony Hayward will testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee next week . http://voices.washingtonpost.com/economy-watch/2010/06/bp_ceo_tony_hayward_to_testify.html

Greene: BP should invest $100 Million a year for 10 years

Press Release: Jeff Greene Calls On BP To Invest $100 Million A Year For 10 Years In Escrow Account For Florida Reparation Due To Gulf Oil Spill Funds to Aid with environmental clean up, economic recovery, public health issues and alternative energy PENSACOLA, FL – On Tuesday, June 8, 2010, [...]

Viewpoint: My Beach

An email from a reader: On Friday, I heard that the oil had started washing onshore, although in little, tiny, round droplets. At first, only the most discerning beachcomer's eye could pick them out. Yet, their shiny, black, glistening "just poured asphalt" sheen gave them away. No matter the [...]

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