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Sunday November 29th 2015

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‘2012 Presidential Race’ Archives

Stafford testifies on Florida election process (testimony)

Stafford testifies on Florida election process (testimony)

As I reported last week, Escambia Supervisor of Elections David Stafford and nine other supervisors testified yesterday about their experiences during the 2012 General Election before the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee, chaired by Senator Jack Latvala (R-Clearwater). The meeting, lasting [...]

Hernando Today: Oops, GOP miscalculated who would vote

My Florida Voices column got picked up by the Tampa Tribune's Hernando Today: "The worst thing that happened to the Republican Party and its presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012 general election was that the people voted.Before the votes were cast and counted, the Republican strategists, [...]

Schieffer: Some broken hearts, empty wallets (video)

Bob Schieffer reflects on some wealthy people who spent a lot of money on 2012 election cycle, making him remember the days when rich people gave their extra cash to charity. Source: CBS

Survey: Republican Party Can’t Count on Florida Latino Vote

By, Stephanie Carroll Carson, Florida News Connection MIAMI - While the nation waits for Florida's complete election results, there is already an indication that Latinos played a large role in the number of votes received by President Obama in the Sunshine State. A survey released this week [...]

Waiting It Out on the Dividing Line

With Florida split down the middle in the presidential race, Republicans and Democrats in Pensacola gathered at their respective Election Day bashes. Both camps were gearing up for a long night. The Democrats held court at Seville Quarter. They watched election returns on an ABC News broadcast, [...]

Looks like May, Robertson and Barry will be elected to Escambia County Commission

The leads that Wilson Robertson, Lumon May and Steve Barry have are nearly insurmountable, according to Commissioner Grover Robinson who is at Supervisor David Stafford's office. Also Janet Holley, Chris Jones and Elizabeth Campbell are ahead.

Doing political commentary on WCOA tonight

In the WCOA studio with Don Parker and Brian Newkirk, we will start broadcasting election coverage at 7 p.m. We will have ABC coverage on the national races. Don, Jim Sanborn (who is in Supervisor of Elections' office) and I will handle the local races. We are simulcasting on their AM and Fm [...]

Poll worker almost keeps wife of candidate from voting

Early today, a poll worker at Precinct 56, Escambia County Environmental/Health offices by Legion Field, was aggressively questioning the signatures of African-American voters. The wife of Lumon May, Democratic candidate for Escambia County Commission, District 3, had her signature challenged for [...]

Is Romney GOTV more high tech than Obama

A reader called to say that the Romney Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort in Escambia County is more sophisticated than what observers are seeing from the Obama camp. He says that Romney were checking off the names of the people voting and on an hourly basis sending the names, via an App, to Boston. [...]

Gulf Breeze, Fla voting disaster

The Santa Rosa County precinct 22 in the Gulf Breeze Recreation Center is a voting disaster. We have a reporter that the precinct did not have a voting scanner when it opened at 7 a.m. Approximately 150 voters were told to place their ballots in a box to be scanned later. By 10 a.m. one scanner was [...]

There is still a lot of voting to be done today

In 2008, 154,864 votes were cast in Escambia County in the presidential race. John McCain got 59 percent of them; Obama 40 percent. During the early voting period, 42,832 votes were cast and about 35,000 absentee ballots have been returned. Roughly about half of the votes in this election (if the [...]

Tell us what you see at the polls

Voting will be heavy today. In Gulf Breeze at the South Santa Rosa Recreation Center, over 150 voters were in line this morning at 7. One reader texted me that it took 35 minutes to complete her voting. What are you seeing at the polls? What candidates have poll workers out? How long did it take [...]

Keys to voting smoothly

Keys to voting smoothly

The Florida League of Women Voters offers these tips: First, verify your polling location. Your precinct site may have changed, so check with your local Supervisor of Elections office in advance to be sure you head to the right location. You must vote at your correct precinct, or your vote will [...]

Romney Robo Calls for Friday, Nov 2

The phone at the house has been ringing. We've gotten four calls on four different issues: 1) On Obamacare and how it puts bureaucrats between us and our doctor. We need to scrap it and start all over. 2) A fake poll do you we agree with Billy Graham about the sanctity of life begins at [...]

League asks Scott to extend early voting through Sunday

The League of Women Voters of Florida has sent the following letter to Governor Rick Scott, urging him to accommodate the needs of early voters by extending the early-voting period until Sunday, November 4. Governor Rick Scott The Capitol 400 S. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 [...]

Now Biden visit is moving to Friday or Saturday

Democrats have been scrambling today. Now I'm hearing Biden will not be here tomorrow (the logistics were too tough for such a short notice). Maybe we will get firmer information sometime soon.

Buzz: Biden coming to Pensacola

The Democrats have not given up on Florida. We just got a text from a friend in D.C. VP Joe Biden is coming to Pensacola. Trying to find exactly when he will get here.

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