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Saturday March 28th 2015

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Keys to voting smoothly

Keys to voting smoothly

The Florida League of Women Voters offers these tips: First, verify your polling location. Your precinct site may have changed, so check with your local Supervisor of Elections office in advance to be sure you head to the right location. You must vote at your correct precinct, or your vote will [...]

Romney Robo Calls for Friday, Nov 2

The phone at the house has been ringing. We've gotten four calls on four different issues: 1) On Obamacare and how it puts bureaucrats between us and our doctor. We need to scrap it and start all over. 2) A fake poll do you we agree with Billy Graham about the sanctity of life begins at [...]

League asks Scott to extend early voting through Sunday

The League of Women Voters of Florida has sent the following letter to Governor Rick Scott, urging him to accommodate the needs of early voters by extending the early-voting period until Sunday, November 4. Governor Rick Scott The Capitol 400 S. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 [...]

Now Biden visit is moving to Friday or Saturday

Democrats have been scrambling today. Now I'm hearing Biden will not be here tomorrow (the logistics were too tough for such a short notice). Maybe we will get firmer information sometime soon.

Buzz: Biden coming to Pensacola

The Democrats have not given up on Florida. We just got a text from a friend in D.C. VP Joe Biden is coming to Pensacola. Trying to find exactly when he will get here.

Taco Bell’s Political Pressure?

Apparently, an area Taco Bell outlet may be weighing in on the current presidential election. An anonymous caller relayed an insertion she said employees of the Warrington Taco Bell recently received in their paychecks. The insertion, she said, stated that the Affordable Care Act would cost the [...]

Pensacola Romney Rally: Voices from the Crowd

By James Hagan.... Romney Rally Fires Up Locals... Long a conservative stronghold, Pensacola greeted Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney with an enthusiastic capacity crowd at the Pensacola Bay Center on October 27. Surging in the polls on the eve of the election, the confident Romney [...]

Who is leading in Electoral votes

To be elected president a candidate needs 270 electoral votes. Most media has Obama ahead, but with plenty of votes undecided. The New York Times shows Obama with 185 solid votes and 52 leaning his way for 237; Romney with 168 solid votes and 38 leaning in his favor for 206. The paper has 95 [...]

How does the Electoral Process work

The U.S. National Archives have created a webpage that explains the Electoral College. The Electoral College is not a place but is the process by which the President and Vice President are elected. The Electoral College is comprised of 538 electors. Each state has one elector for each [...]

Red Alert: Tea Party claims Obama fix is in. See the proof.

Red Alert: Tea Party claims Obama fix is in. See the proof.

I'm on the email lists of some of the extremists from both sides of the presidential election. Tea Party.org sent out a "Red Alert" claiming that it had found indisputable proof of a "serious clandestine operation" that was mistakenly transmitted on a CBS News affiliate in Arizona. Note: As we [...]

Mack, Nelson Rally Local Supporters

Mack, Nelson Rally Local Supporters

Both candidates for Florida’s U.S. Senate race made their way to Pensacola this week en route to Election Day. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) started off the week with a visit to Dharma Blue, followed by Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) today at Seville Quarter. During their local stops, each candidate [...]

GOP says its members are target of fake letters

The website The Daily Caller is reporting that Charles Callaghan, a Republican from Ponte Vedra, received one of the fraudulent letters Saturday. Chris Cate, spokesman for the Division of Elections, explained to the Tampa Bay Times, which reported the letters have gone mostly to Republicans in the [...]

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