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Friday November 27th 2015

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‘2012 Presidential Race’ Archives

Video: Is the rest of the GOP hurting Gingrich?

Some say Newt Gingrich doesn't need the support of the rest of the GOP to win his party's nomination, but is that true? Nancy Cordes asks John Dickerson. Source: CBS

Buzz: NW Florida key to big victory for Romney

Buzz: NW Florida key to big victory for Romney

At the Mitt Romney rally on Saturday, I got a chance to talk with some of Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign people. They believe Northwest Florida is the key to their Republican candidate having a big win in tomorrow's presidential primary. "If we take this area, then we will have a big win in the [...]

Mitt’s Pancake Pep Rally

Mitt’s Pancake Pep Rally

Most of the folks attending this morning’s Mitt Romney rally in Pensacola seemed a lot like Romney. They were polished and sharp and dashing. Flashing aggressively friendly smiles, the Saturday morning crowd flocked to the Fish House in their Sunday best. They brought signs and cameras and [...]

Buzz: Jon Voight will be here with Romney and McCain

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight will be here tomorrow with his friend Sen. John McCain for the Mitt Romney rally at The Fish House. Though he originally supported Rudy Giuliani, Voight later became a big campaigner of McCain when the Senator ran for president in 2008.

John McCain and the ‘Best Chance’ Breakfast

When GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney dips into town tomorrow morning for breakfast, he’ll be bringing along Sen. John McCain. The Arizona senator snagged the party’s nomination from Romney in 2008, but supports the Republican contender this time around. “I think he’s got the wind [...]

Rubio remains neutral … but…

While not endorsing Romney, ( Rubio spokesman Alex Conant told CNN, "We remain neutral.") Marco Rubio has come to his defense against a barrage of Gingrich mud-slinging ads. This gentle tactic might be wise since his name is still being thrown around as a possible running mate. Read CNN Story VP [...]

Vote Law Sub Committee Eve

When Florida legislators passed new election laws last year, the stated aim of the new legislation was primarily curtailing voter fraud. To that end, lawmakers limited the amount of time third party registrars have to turn in paperwork on newly registered voters. Under the old laws, third [...]

I know you are but what am I?

 Gingrich doesn’t have the advertising money that Romney has… so he is begging Florida voters to not like the attack ads. “ I think all the weight of his negative advertising and all the weight of his dishonesty has hurt us some,” he told reporters in Orlando yesterday.  Most of the [...]

Santorum, Paul have little chance in Florida

Papers across the state are reporting that GOP presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are pulling back on their efforts in Florida. Both will be at tonight's debate, but neither has the cash to win the Jan. 31 primary. Santorum's team has confirmed their candidate will be at New [...]

Cash fuels Florida GOP politics

Cash fuels Florida GOP politics

Florida state politics are fueled with cash. Rick Scott proved that statewide elections can be bought when he used $70-plus million of his own money to come out of nowhere to win the governor's race. GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich doesn't have that kind of cash, but he does have Sheldon [...]

Orlando Sentinel Endorses Romney

Saying  that "his accomplishments in both the public and private sectors suggest he would be a steady and competent leader for these divisive and turbulent times," The Orlando Sentinel endorsed Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination this morning. Read "Romney is GOP's Best Candidate, Best Bet." The [...]

Latest Poll Shows Gingrich Florida Lead Shrinking

While early polling showed a marked Gingrich lead in Florida,  polling released by the Florida Chamber of Commerce Tuesday showed Romney and Gingrich tied at 33 percent : (Press Release flchamber.com) TALLAHASSEE (January 24, 2012) – With only one week remaining before Republicans cast [...]

The Fight to Vote

More than a few adjectives have been used to describe Florida’s new election laws: draconian, repressive, backwards and racist.  Sabu Williams had a few more to add to that list. “Oh, absolutely crazy—horrible,” Williams said. “They’re atrocious and unnecessary.” As president [...]

Video: Gingrich says Establishment “right to be worried”

Fresh from his South Carolina primary victory, Republican presidential hopeful Gingrich says "Establishment" should fear his nomination. Deborah Lutterbeck reports. Undeterred by the Gingrich's victory, the Pensacola News Journal endorsed Mitt Romney. Video Source: Reuters

Odds on Gingrich winning

Following Newt Gingrich’s win in South Carolina, Europe’s largest betting company Paddy Power is today sweating over its decision on Friday to pay out early on Mitt Romney winning the Republican nomination. While Romney remains the favourite for the Republican nomination his odds have taken [...]

Santorum: I’m a threat to the GOP establishment

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum tells Bob Schieffer why he thinks Mitt Romney is just a part-time conservative, and why he views himself as an "anti-establishment" candidate. Source: CBS

Huntsman Out

According to the Times Caucus, Jon Huntsman will announce today  that that he is ending his bid for the Republican presidential nomination and endorsing Romney. MORE

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