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Monday March 30th 2015

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‘2012 Presidential Race’ Archives

What Not To Say: Rosen apologizes when NOBODY liked her Ann Romney dis

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen apologized this afternoon for saying that at Ann Romney had "never worked a day in her life" during a CNN interview last night. Ann Romney of course responded quickly (on Fox this morning and then did a pretty good job in keeping the tweets coming) but the Obama [...]

As Good as Over…. Santorum announces he is suspending his campaign

"We made a decision over the weekend that while this presidential race for us is over for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we are not done fighting," Santorum said at a press conference, but this removes Romney's last obstacle.  SOURCE: CBS

Odds favor Rubio for VP choice

Paddy Power makes Florida Senator Mark Rubio the favorite to be the Republican Vice Presidential candidate at 2/1, followed by Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez who are considered to be his nearest rivals at odds of 5/1 and 11/2 respectively. Also [...]

GOP 2012: They’re not going anywhere

Both Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich vowed to stick it out today:  until somebody has 1,144 delegates. After all, it didn't hurt Obama to slug it out withlinton in 2008: READ MORE ON CNN.COM

oh, was that mic on?

RAW VIDEO: President Obama was caught on a live mic yesterday, telling Russia’s President Medvedev (and Vladimir Putin) that after the election, he will have more “flexibility” in regards to a missle defense system.  Source: Russian Times  

Santorum leads AL day before voting

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy appeared with Mitt Romney on Fox and Friends this morning live from Mobile at the Whistle Stop Bar and Grill.  Newt Gingrich was in Biloxi for the Energy Summit and Santorum  headed to Ocean Springs. In a new poll,  conducted by Alabama State University’s Center for [...]

Romney Works His “Away Game” in Southern Mississippi and Learns to Love Grits…. Fast!

Because all you have to do is say “ya’ll” a couple of times and tell people you actually tried grits to win Alabama hearts and influence Mississippians.  But should he really refer to any state he wishes to lead  as his “away” game? And aren’t the grits a little stale?  From the [...]

The Results Are In: Not Over For Romney Yet

After Super Tuesday, Romney is still the frontrunner in the GOP race, but just barely.  Rick Santorum  won three states and came within a percentage point of a win in the closely-watched contest in Ohio. So he can’t just wrap this up and concentrate on Obama. This will be a long mess into the [...]

CafePress predicts Santorum wins Ohio

CafePress.com is an e-commerce platform for user-designed merchandise. Since November, CafePress has been tracking 2012 election presidential candidate support via The Meter graphs. With an average of over 137,000 new designs uploaded every week, it’s no surprise many of them are political in [...]

Bookies favor Romney on Super Tuesday

With the Republican presidential candidates gearing up for Super Tuesday, Paddy Power have installed former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney as the favourite to win in over half of the primaries. Romney’s nearest rival looks to be former Senator Rick Santorum who is favourite for two [...]

Ann Romney bitch slaps Bill Clinton

Ann Romney bitch slaps Bill Clinton

Huffington Post reports that during her interview on today's "Fox & Friends," Ann Romney attacked former President Bill Clinton for his assertion that George Romney must be "turning over in his grave" over his son Mitt's opposition to the auto bailout. "Mitt's father would be cheering and would [...]

Birth Control Rule Not Overturned

After a dialogue that was more about politics than birth control, Democrats have blocked an effort by Senate Republicans to overturn President Barack Obama's order that most employers or their insurers cover the cost of contraceptives. 51-48.  Source:AP

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