2012 Presidential Race

2012 Presidential Race

Not what he meant…. exactly…

February 20, 2012

On CBS’s “Face the Nation” Rick Santorum says No – he was not questioning the President’s religious faith – but, he does question his world view.  After much of the media reported that he had attacked…

2012 Presidential Race

Watch out for Rombo!!!

February 15, 2012

Rick Santorum knows what’s in store for him: a whole lot commercials. Attempting to head Romney off at the mud-slinging pass, he released this Rombo spot  — which might, in a clever way, difuse the venom…

2012 Presidential Race

Bookies like Obama, Romney but Santorum rising

February 9, 2012

Europe’s largest betting company Paddy Power have today slashed the odds on Rick Santorum winning the Republican nomination after the former Pennsylvania senator won the Republican presidential contests in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. Paddy Power now…

2012 Presidential Race

Florida GOP Timeline

January 31, 2012

 As Florida heads to the polls Santorum has gone, Romney has a double digit lead, and it ended up downright nasty between the two GOP frontrunners. The Politico gives an interesting timeline as to how we…