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Sunday July 5th 2015

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And the crime scene photos

And the crime scene photos

The reporters today also viewed 2076 crime scene photos that were not only of the murder scene, but also of the home of Leonard “Lenny” Gonzalez, the vehicles used and the Wiggins’ backyard where the safe was buried under debris. The photos filled two volumes. Many were repetitive. The [...]

Billings 911 Calls

billings redacted 911 call 1 Second call: Listen

What I saw…

The videos from the surveillance cameras from the Billings’ residence are haunting. The 16 cameras captured both the inside and outside of the home while the seven intruders drove onto the property and five masked men stormed into the house. The cameras caught on tape everything but the actual [...]

Valentino fined

This morning Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino pleaded no contest this morning to a noncriminal violation of the state’s public records law. Actually it was his attorney, Ed Fleming that entered the written plea through his lawyer. He was fined $500.

Favorite Rex Blackburn moment

Favorite Rex Blackburn moment

Over the years, Lt. Rex Blackburn has done his best to intimidate and harass the IN. My favorite moment was when he delivered a gift to the office during the 2007 Christmas holidays. It was a large box wrapped in old issues of our newspaper. The box came with a card that had Barack Obama's face [...]

48 minutes with 48 Hours

I spoke with a producer from 48 Hours yesterday about the Billings case. We talked about the dozens of twists and weird angles in this story: the 17 children, the brutality of the murders, the histories of the suspects, Mexican mafia and overall seediness of the used car business in Pensacola. I've [...]

Toned down PNJ article in USA Today

The table talk around town yesterday was the daily newspaper's Sunday cover story on the Billings' case in which the paper called those arrested a gang of fools and mocked Sheriff David Morgan for calling the case a "humdinger." The News Journal's take on the 1000 pages of documents released by [...]

Billings’ camera system

Billings’ camera system

On Thursday, the media will be allowed to view the video from the surveillance system at the Billings' residence. The State Attorney released more documents yesterday that describe what the cameras captured inside the house. 7:06:11 pm Camera 2 - which covers kitchen and living room - Bud [...]

Will City Council act on Museum funding?

The CMPA board passed the recommendation to use New Market Tax Credits as a funding mechanism for the Maritime Museum. Today the Pensacola City Council will have a presentation of the funding plan. There is a worry that the Council and city staff will drag their feet on this---as they do with [...]

Save the Post Office

Press Release: Dear Supporters Of The Downtown Post Office: As you know, the downtown Pensacola post office is on the chopping block. Despite a meeting with almost 100 individuals opposing closure of the downtown post office this past Tuesday evening, the closure process is still moving [...]

Geraldo at Large

Geraldo at Large

I'll be on the Fox News show tonight at approximately 9:40 p.m. I guess I'm the "Large."

Daily News reports on FWB connection

The Daily News picked up on the same Fort Walton Beach connection with earlier home invasions in Okaloosa County (Read article) that I reported earlier. The Pensacola News Journal believes the seven men involved in the murders of Bud and Melanie Billings were hastily pulled together and Patrick [...]

Time covers Billings case

Time covers Billings case

Duwayne Escobedo helped with the reporting on this article - Pensacola murders. The blog gets plug at the end.

Casino could come to Greyhound track

Casino could come to Greyhound track

NorthEscambia.com is reporting that the Poarch Creek Indians - not the tribe that Commissioner Gene Valentino was working with on his bingo caper- has a contract to buy the greyhound tracks in Mobile and Pensacola. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians PCI Gaming Authority has held the $3,450,000 [...]

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