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Sunday July 5th 2015

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Oops, naysayers are wrong…again

For the past three months, we have seen letters to the editor and viewpoints from C. C. Elebash and his boys telling us that City of Pensacola would never get any financing for the Community Maritime Park and that Maritime Museum would never be built. Like a Gene Valentino press release, Elebash [...]

Are you kidding me?

We are hearing the Escambia County Commission will turn down the $3M+ COPS Hiring Recover Program grant that will fund 20 additional deputies over three years. Yes, the deputies will have to be retained once the grant is up, but that is the only catch. With all the news about gangs, drive-by [...]

Another robbery recruit speaks out (updated)

Anthony Joseph Eisa of Gulf Breeze told investigators that Patrick Gonzalez had tried to recruit for the home invasion two and a half months ago. According to the investigator's report, Eisa said that he did travel with Gonzalez to Fort Walton Beach two weeks before the murder. Telephone records [...]

FWB suspects don’t fit – updated

The involvement of four Fort Walton Beach black men with the home invasion and murder of Bud and Melanie Billings doesn't fit with what I am hearing about Leonard "Lenny" and Patrick Gonzalez. My sources have told me that both are racists. In the documents released by the State Attorney, Sue Ann [...]

Valentino misused chairmanship

Please look at pages of 20-22 of the emails that the State Attorney's Office found on Commissioner Gene Valentino's laptop. You will see where bingo casino developer Cy Keefer of Dallas, Texas drafted a letter for Valentino to sign and put on county letterhead that insinuates that Keefer is [...]

Charter Commission adds back At-Large seats

The Pensacola Charter Review Commission bowed to the unspoken demands of certain city council members and voted to amend their charter proposal to include two At-large seats on the council. Two months ago, Commission member DeeDee Ritchie made a motion to have the at-large seats, but her motion [...]

More on Funding Maritime Museum

Here is the agenda for the Friday meeting of the CMPA Board: Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda 8-21-09 More on the tax credits: CTA CDE info packet for CMPA w reservation agreement CTA CDE Reservation Agreement, CMPA 8-19-09

Buzz: Construction could begin on Maritime Museum

Source are telling me that the CMPA board will be presented with a funding opportunity on Friday that could fully fund the Maritime Museum and let construction begin almost immediately. The funding mechanism involves New Market Tax Credits - which are part of the Obama stimulus plan. [...]

Valentino’s response

Valentino’s response

On August 17, Commissioner Valentino's issued this response to the State Attorney's reports on the Sunshine Law and public records investigations - read. Gene has chosen to emphasize certain words: BASELESS ALLEGATION -- FALSE. The State Attorney said his review determined that no [...]

The emails that Valentino hid

During the State Attorney's investigation of Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino an additional 40 emails concerning the proposed bingo casino for Perdido Key were found. Some we already have seen, but there are still a few that should how hard the commissioner worked to bring gambling to [...]

The Daily Beast: Anatomy of a Massacre

How I write for the blog, the newspaper and The Daily Beast is very different. Each has a a different audience and each is a different twist on the Billings case. The blog is often posting information as quickly as I get it. The paper lets me be more reflective and go into more depth. The Daily [...]

Transcript of Tice interviews

The State Attorney has released the transcripts of the interviews with Henry "Cab" Tice. In his interview, Tice described Salvano Gonzalez as a good salesman that worked for him and later for Bud Billings collecting on accounts, after Tice's Hispanic-American Auto Sales closed. According to [...]

Reports reveal more on the Billings’ murders

The interviews by the Escambia County Sheriff's Office with dozens of witnesses give the picture of a horrible, grisly double homicide that defies the motive a simple robbery. Seven men invaded the Billings’ home and while some may have thought the motive was robbery, the investigators’ [...]

Patrick Gonzalez mentions contract hit, Tice and MS13

The State Attorney released over 1,000 pages related to the murders of Bud and Melanie Billings. In those documents is a report from Chief Deputy Bill Chavers who interviewed Patrick Gonzalez, the suspected killer, on July 12. Chavers knew Gonzalez as Pat Poff and had taken karate classes with [...]

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