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Friday March 6th 2015

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Pension plan train wreck

One of the biggest examples of the financial risks in having an administrative branch of city government that isn't directly answerable to the public is the city pension/retirement system. The staff - with the approval of a large ten-member council - has created a huge financial "black hole" that [...]

What is the CMP bond plan?

The bond financing plan recommended by staff and approved by the council uses New Market Tax Credits which will allow UWF to get $12,256,785 for the maritime museum (if the NMTC portion is approved in November). The bonds includes the interest payments for the first 3 years (called capitalized [...]

Another regional alliance

Gov. Bob Riley of Alabama and Gov. Haley Barber of Mississippi will announce today the formation of "The Aerospace Alliance” ---a four-state region from NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi to Panama City, Florida whose mission will be to establish the Gulf Coast as a world class [...]

Patrick Gonzalez booked for battery (updated)

The Escambia County Sheriff's Office website shows that Patrick Gonzalez has been charged with aggravated battery. We've requested the arrest report. From arrest report: Kevin Dale Wilkins is housed in the cell adjacent to Gonzalez. According to Wilkins, on Sept. 26, Gonzalez had permission [...]

Thoughts on Mexican Mafia

Today the daily newspaper published the interview with Silvano Gonzalez, that we posted on this blog on Monday. Based on that interview, the paper reports "Mafia theory falls flat in Billings murder case." I don't know if the Mexican Mafia is involved in the murders of Bud and Melanie Billings. [...]

New Agruments from Fairchild PAC

These are the latest arguments by the No Boss Mayor PAC against the proposed charter: 1. Only the mayor will have the executive power to enter into contracts, write and approve leases, and buy and sell land. ------The executive power for this now lies with the city manager. Not sure why [...]

St. Joe buys Southwest for Panama City

St. Joe essentially bought the Southwest Airlines business for Panama City -- guaranteeing to cover any losses up to $26 million over two years. St. Joe has agreed, to the extent that Southwest operates at a loss, to make quarterly cash payments to Southwest to cover shortfalls in the results of [...]

Buzz: Southwest goes to Panama City

WEAR TV 3 is reporting that Southwest Airlines has made the decision to use the new Panama City airport. Read more.

City is already in Economic Development business

Both Charlie Fairchild and Jerry Maygarden have said the City of Pensacola government shouldn't be in the economic development business. Well, it already is. The City of Pensacola owns two of the county's biggest economic development assets - the Pensacola Airport and the Port of Pensacola. [...]

Tice creditor claims Mexican mafia a hoax

The State Attorney's Office released today more documents and DVDs of the interviews with suspects, persons of interest and witnesses - 36 CDs and DVDs. Among the documents is an interview with Silvano Gonzalez, the former Hispanic-American Auto Sales employee who Cab Tice said gave him $20,000 [...]

Dead baby thrown away by mother

Dead baby thrown away by mother

It's one of those stories that's so horrific that you don't want to hear it. Mothers are suppose to love their babies, take care of their babies, protect their babies against the evils of the world...not callously abandon them. Unfortunately it appears that Christian Woods (age 21) did just that [...]

One more Fairchild PAC

I overlooked another short-lived political action committee formed by Charlie Fairchild in September 2008: Citizens for Constitutional Integrity. Of course, there will be another that he will form next year to oppose whatever the Consolidation Committee recommends.

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