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Wednesday October 7th 2015

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‘Escambia County’ Archives

Murzin scorecard

As we reported in our Swimsuit issue, Murzin proposed several bills this session. He didn't do too well with them. All four bills were withdrawn: HB 493: Licensure of Nursing Homes and Related Health Care Facilities - Last Event: Saturday, May 02, 2009 - Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn [...]

Murzin reports on session

State Rep. Dave Murzin sent out a report on the legislative session that has been extended another week so that the House and Senate can work out a budget for next year. Murzin writes, "The extended Session is not without precedent, and House Republicans believe that it is more important to get [...]

Economic Development Update

Here is Charles Wood's Economic Development Update he released on Friday. Wood is the senior vp for Economic Development for the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. # DATCOM – Our armed services department (Headed up by Craig Dalton) held their Defense Aerospace and Technology Committee [...]

Gov. Crist to sign consolidation bill

While he is in town today, Gov. Charlie Crist will sign the bill that will form a consolidation commission that will draft a document for unifying local governments in Escambia County.

Conservative Blog Trends

From NetRightNation.com: Top Issues 1. Swine Flu 2. Republican Party 3. Education 4. Health Care 5. Army 6. China 7. Europe 8. Oil 9. Pending Legislation 10. Technology Top People 1. Arlen Specter 2. Sarah Palin 3. Mitt Romney 4. Jeb Bush 5. Joe [...]

Hall lags behind new council members

Sam Hall is the first Pensacola City Council member to have blog. He is lagging behind the new council members with his posts. Hall lasted CMP on April 24. Diane Mack is calling for a consultant to study the city pension crisis---dated May 4. Megan Pratt has her own thoughts about the [...]

Buzz: Economic Development

Last Week's IN cover story, Reindeer Games, has spurred some movement on that front. We are hearing the BOCC chairman Marie Young will move discussion of the Blue Ribbon Task Force to the next joint meeting for the county commission and Pensacola City Council, which will be sometime this [...]

Shootings continue

Escambia County Sheriff's Office is reporting another drive-by shooting this morning. Darrius Howard and Kary Howard were shot about 9:40 a.m. in the 1100 block of Webster Drive, north of West Fairfield Drive. Last week, one of our sources told us a man from New Orleans stopping irecently at a [...]

College tuition idea catches fire

Council member Maren DeWeese's idea of starting a fund to pay for the college tuition for local high school students was the talk of the weekend. Parents are excited about the concept which is modeled after Kalamazoo Promise. It definitely would give families are reason to live inside the city [...]

Psst, School Board has power to raise taxes

The Florida Legislature gave school districts the option Saturday to shift funds intended for capital improvement to day-to-day operating budgets. However, the school boards must raise taxes to replenish their capital funds. A tax increase will require super-majority, like two-thirds or [...]

Another Shooting

WEAR TV reports two men are accused of shooting a Myrtle Grove man in the head on Saturday. The victim survived. See video.

Odom does bait and switch

Okaloosa County developer Jay Odom is in trouble again. It was his airplane hangar that Odom got buddies former House Speaker Ray Sanson and ex-college president Bob Richburg to build with state dollars that lead to Sansom and Richburg's indictments. Now Odom has been caught tricking Okaloosa [...]

Crawfish Festival is booming

Just got back from the Fiesta Crawfish Festival. The IN staff took a break and walked done to Bartram Park. The crawfish are excellent!

Maybe why ECSO K-9 unit suspended

2005 was a very bad year for the K-9 unit...particularly two deputies that cost the ECSO at least two lawsuits. February 2005 Gulf Breeze teen, Addison Salter, is bitten by K-9 after a disturbance at Valentine’s Day dance. Salter later won a lawsuit against the ECSO. James Sullivan, [...]

Looking deeper at FCAT scores

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas' press release and the PNJ article on the FCAT are based on the percentage of students that did 3.5 or greater on the FCAT writing test. A higher standard is the percentage of students who did 4.0 or higher. The state average is 73. Escambia County had 12 Elementary [...]

Jim Paul deserves some FCAT credit

Former Superintendent Jim Paul deserves some credit for the increase FCAT writing scores over the past seven years....but don't expect Malcolm Thomas to mention it in his press releases. In fact, new Superintendent Thomas has also failed to mention how the cash reserves that Paul built up have [...]

ECSO dogs shutdown

WEAR TV 3 reported last night that K-9 unit at the Escambia County Sheriff's Office has been temporarily shutdown by the Department of Justice. According to WEAR, the Department of Justice - which is investigating complaint filed against the McNesby administration - says the ECSO was not properly [...]

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