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Sunday May 3rd 2015

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‘Escambia County’ Archives

Letter from Patrick Gonzalez

In June 1996, Patrick Gonzalez was charged with threatening harm to a public servant, disorderly conduct and battery on a corrections officer. I reviewed the case records on the case and found this letter from Gonzalez (under the name Patrick Poff). There is a cover letter that appears to be in [...]


EXCLUSIVE: BILLINGS MURDERS MAY BE CONTRACT HIT Sources close to suspects and persons of interests in the Billings murders allege that Patrick Gonzalez, Jr. was paid to kill Byrd and Melanie Billings. They claim that the investigators have been told this and that the contract price was between [...]

Trademarking kids

The PNJ writes about how Bud Billings had trademarked and copyrighted the names of seven of the adopted children. The title of the forms - “Affidavit of Truth in Nature of Supplemental Rules for Administrative and Maritime Claims Rules C (6)” - see 2004311661. I sent a copy to a local [...]

Morgan emails

Morgan emails

We made a public records of the Escambia County Sheriff's Office of emails that he has received from around the country on the Billings case. Here is a small sampling of the hundreds received (I have redacted the email addresses of the senders): Subject: Sheriff David Morgan Request/Question: I [...]

St. Pete Times – Sunday coverage of Billings case

St. Pete Times does a great job of covering the general facts of the case. When asked about television reports on increased sales of home security systems: "Why?" rails T. Bubba on 1620 AM, the local news radio station. "It didn't help the Billings, did it? Folks, if you want to protect [...]

Gonzalez Jr. describes himself as counter criminal expert

CBS News reports that have the deposition of Patrick Gonzalez, Jr. from a unrelated case in which he was granted blanket immunity the State Attorney’s office. Gonzalez told the investigators that he been paid $150,000 for providing "intelligence" services from January through April of 2008. Read [...]

Bud Billings – adoption fraud case (update)

The St. Pete Times is reporting that 20 years ago a pregnant Vickie Taylor checked into Sacred Heart Hospital under the name Cindy Reeve. She delivered a baby boy and listed Byrd Billings as the father. Taylor told deputies she had agreed to the fraud in exchange for a $2,100 loan, so the Billings [...]

Long day – press conference notes

Today's press conference with Sheriff David Morgan and State Attorney Bill Eddins was delayed over an hour. The excuse given was that the two had to review late breaking developments. I suspect it had to do with Crystal Spencer, who represents Ashley Markham and the other Billings children. Why [...]

Wiggins hid safe

Wiggins hid safe

The ECSO has released the arrest report on Pamela Long Wiggins. The report states that Hugh Wiggins told investigators that safe stolen from the Billings home was hidden in the backyard of the Wiggins home located 1247 Ramblewood Rd, Gulf Breeze. Pamela Wiggins also owned a red mini-van was left [...]

Pamela L. Wiggins (Coco)

Wiggins was also a person of interest in 1992 arson case in Albany Ga, according to the Albany Herald. Read more.

Myspace accounts of others charges with murders

Gary Sumner - "Da Mayor" http://www.myspace.com/legendon20s Donnie Stallworth - "RIP Moe" ...Myspace

Wednesday Press Conference photos

Wednesday Press Conference photos

Oops, PNJ has a problem

For much of the past month, the daily newspaper has blasted the leadership and management style of Sheriff David Morgan. They went after him over the K-9 unit and the dog who mistakenly held (not attacked) a woman in trailer park who the dog perceived as a threat to his handler - some bruises, a [...]

Long married Wiggins 12/31/08 (updated)

Long married Wiggins 12/31/08 (updated)

Found the Okaloosa County Marriage License between Pamela Long and Hugh Gregory Wiggins. It was filed 12/31/08. This explains the confusion over her last name. NorthEscambia.com took this piece of information a little further and found that Patrick and Tabitha Gonzalez signed the marriage [...]

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