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Wednesday March 4th 2015

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GoLeft TV interview on sex trafficking

GoLeft.tv has an interview with Shauna Newell (Shauna’s Story of Slavery ): See Video

County may cut public clinic budget

We just got a phone call that the county commissioners are discussing cutting the budget of the Escambia Community Clinics by $225,000. Escambia Co. already spends less on public health than 65 of the state's 67 counties. Didn't think people's health would be considered a luxury item in the 07-08 [...]

State has budget crisis of its own

State has budget crisis of its own

The reports from Tallahassee are that since March, the state has taken in millions less in sales taxes than it anticipated. The state collected nearly $300 million less sales taxes than expected for the months of March, April and May. The budget shortfall could be as much as $1.2 billion - $400 [...]

Strippers boost golf scores

Here's an idea that I'm surprised none of the local golf courses have tried yet - having strippers set up lap dance stations in between holes ....on the course. The Pocono Recorder not only reports the story. It has video! More than 140,000 Web surfers eyed amateur video of the antics, with [...]

Panhandle news roundup

Panhandle news roundup

ThursDaily Dose Daily News has a coup - it has a copy of the report that concludes Air Force could save about $192.2 million if it moves the Elgin's 46th Test Wing to Edwards Air Force Base. Thousands of lives would be impacted. PNJ: One more article on Caveman. Wire story on how to catch an [...]

Century official responds to drug haven charge

From IN reporter Mari Krueger: Drug wars have sparked a blame game in Century and Flomaton, two cities on the Florida-Alabama border. Flomaton Mayor Dewy Bondurant blames the flow of crack cocaine and marijuana on Century. But officials in Century see the problem, too. “Ain’t nothing [...]

Vote by precinct

1 Pleasant Grove Volunteer Fire Dept 151 320 2 Gulf Coast Christian Church 27 43 3 Myrtle Grove Baptist Church 114 284 4 Gull Point Recreation Center 148 287 5 Pine Forest United Methodist Church 154 494 6 St Monica's Episcopal [...]

Young are more liberal

Young are more liberal

Not that this is really a surprise since they almost always are. The New York Times, CBS News and MTV conducted a poll of young Americans between the ages 17-29. They found this age group doesn't care for President Bush and are more likely to favor an open-door policy on immigration, the [...]

Alabama says Florida has drug problem

Alabama says Florida has drug problem

The Pensacola daily's Michael Stewart is aggressively writing on the drug problem in the northern part of Escambia County, particularly Century. Flomaton Mayor Dewey Bondurant has asked Escambia County Sheriff Ron McNesby to create a joint drug task force to tackle the drug problem. "Century is [...]

Voters have spoken

Nearly two to one the Escambia County voters have voted against the half-cent sales tax for primary health care for the uninsured. Congratulations to those who successfully defeated the referendum. Both sides worked hard for what they believed. There will be analysis done of this vote over the [...]

Early results

35 of 90 Precincts Reporting Health Care Surtax Referendum YES 6,343 (36.47 %) NO 11,047 (63.53 %)

Election update

As of 2 p.m. Voting turnout today is at about 10% overall - so including the early and absentee votes, we should hit the predicted 15%. The precincts that are primarily African-American are coming in low - 4%-7%. Also the northern end of the county is light. No area has long lines.

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