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Saturday July 4th 2015

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CMPA, Community wins

Community Maritime Park Associates (CMPA) board approved the master developer request for proposal and hired a search firm to do a national search for an executive director. Those who worried about insider deals - it isn't happening. This board is doing it right. 1. Master developers must show [...]

Other Hawkshaw updates

Website almost ready. City of Pensacola has given us conceptual approval of the site. We're negotiating with Budweiser and Miller to see which will be the beer sponsor which means I will have to switch from Corona. Q100 & Cumulus are helping us find bands. Booking agents have be contacted [...]

Buffett playing Hawkshaw?

Buffett playing Hawkshaw?

We're working through friends of friends to see if Jimmy Buffett might play. It's a very long shot that could change everything. In two weeks, we hope to announce the major acts - and we may strike out on all the big names. But I promise the music will be good.

McNesby attacks Brownsville problem

McNesby attacks Brownsville problem

Seven years after taking office, Escambia County Sheriff Ron McNesby has attacked the drug, prostitution, litter and other criminal and code violations in the Brownsville area. Operation Brownsville is an intensive clean-up of the Brownsville area by the ECSO and Escambia County code [...]

More Hawkshaw possibilities

More Hawkshaw possibilities

Cowboy Mouth - www.myspace.com/cowboymouth Lonestar - Lonestar Three Doors Down -3 Doors Down John Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi www.bonjovi.com From Gainesville: Chris McCarty Band - www.myspace.com/thechrismccartyband Alphabet City - Alphabet City The Scott Effman Band - Scott Effman - [...]

Pensacola Firefighters

Letter to Pensacola City Manager Tom Bonfield Do you know how important your safety is? We ask that in jest, of course, as the City has decided to put off the hiring of a fire chief until the new parks and recreation Director is on board. Interesting. We now know where the hearts and minds [...]

What’s the next big issue?

We will have the House District 3 race in front of us for two more weeks or so, but what is the next big issue? Property tax caps - local governments are worried about the impact of a cap on property tax rates and how it will impact services. This is more a fight between county [...]

Anna Nicole Smith died

Anna Nicole Smith died

Don't why I'm posting this but it just came across the wire: A lawyer for former model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith says she has died after being found unresponsive in a Florida hotel room. READ MORE

Who was M.J. Menge?

When PJC dedicated its bell tower in 1999, Federal Judge Lacey Collier gave this speech: The Spirit of Pensacola (M.J. Menge Bell Tower Dedication) Come with me to a time some years into the future. We are standing right over there on a bright sun-shiny day, just as today. And we see a young [...]

Hawkshaw – bigger names under consideration

Our music budget is only $60,000 so understand our selection is limited or dependent on friendships and local ties. No commitments on these performers. But would like some feedback - remember only two stages, 15-16 slots. Unfortunately our insurance carrier is prohibiting heavy metal, hip hop and [...]

Hawkshaw local and regional music possibilities

Hawkshaw local and regional music possibilities

We've had several local and regional bands contacted us or have been suggested. Here are a few of the names: Social Element - www.myspace.com/socialelement Faktion - www.myspace.com/faktiondallas Cryin' Out Loud - members.cox.net/colband/COLINTRO.htm CrossTown Molly Ringwalds - [...]

Election coverage helps blog

Election coverage helps blog

Stats for the first seven days of February Ricksblog.biz: 18,329 visitors INweekly.net: 24,018 visitors Both new records. Since we started the blog, I've posted 1,248 items and we've had 4,766 comments.

PNJ Dogan misses the point

The daily newspaper's local columnist Reginald Dogan analyzed the House District 3 Democratic primary this way: Wyche's loss simply validates my theory that a black Democrat can't win in Northwest Florida. Wyche lost because the voters won't vote for a five-time loser. His loss wasn't because of [...]

House District 3 strategies

Ford GOP Game Plan Solidify your base - make sure Pensacola Christian College and Gulf Breeze vote. Reach out to Scarborough, Hart and Banjanin. Don't expect reconciliation with Scarborough camp, but others may announce endorsements of Ford. Who else will GOP vote for? But be carefull the [...]

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