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Friday March 6th 2015

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Third Party Mystery, or Larkin’s Leftover Leak

Last week, Rob Larkin, Esq., a Tallahassee attorney handling the contract negotiations between the city of Pensacola and local police union, said a city councilman told him over the summer that he could deliver the union if city administration fired the mayor’s chief of staff. “That is [...]

City Council to Look at Libraries

The Pensacola City Council has scheduled a Special Committee of the Whole meeting. The subject of the meeting is the West Florida Public Library’s budget and operations. The city of Pensacola, together with Escambia County, funds the library system. Recently, the city cut hours for the [...]

MURAC’s Final Plan

The Mayor’s Urban Redevelopment Advisory Committee has been at work since February. Today it approved its final report, a document chock-full of recommendations concerning downtown Pensacola. “People are going to criticize this report and that’s ok,” said committee Chairman Brian Hooper. [...]

Treading Uncharted Waters

Members of the Pensacola City Council have some questions following the local police union’s request to investigate Mayor Ashton Hayward following an incident in which he allegedly misused his position and intimidated officers as they reopened streets to traffic during the Oct. 19 Gallery [...]

Final Urban Advisory Committee Meeting

The Mayor’s Urban Redevelopment Advisory Committee will hold its final meeting tomorrow. Since February, the group has met in an effort to draw up a plan for fostering growth in the city of Pensacola’s downtown area. Brian Hooper, chairman of the advisory board, said today that the committee [...]

Mayor’s Gallery Night Statement

The mayor issued the following statement today, following the local police union's request last week that the Pensacola City Council investigate him for misuse of position and intimidation due to an alleged incident that occurred during the Oct. 19 Gallery Night event [...]

Hayward pushes EDATE renewal

On Nov. 6, Pensacola voters will be asked to renew the Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemption. Mayor Ashton Hayward has sent out this viewpoint in favor of renewal. City EDATE renewal last on the ballot but first tool for jobs By Ashton Hayward This fall, City of Pensacola voters [...]

No Statement from Mayor on FOP’s Accusations

A day after the local police union requested that the Pensacola City Council investigate Mayor Ashton Hayward for misusing his office to intimidate officers, a city spokesman said that there would be no statement issued regarding the matter. City of Pensacola Public Information Officer Derek [...]

Readers tell what happened at Gallery Night

We asked readers for their takes on how the Pensacola Police Department handled the re-opening of Palafox at 9 p.m. at the end of the October 19 Gallery Night. The opinions are on both ends of the spectrum. Many expressed support for keeping the street closed until midnight. One reader emailed [...]

Peacock Disputes FOP’s Statement

Downtown Improvement Board member John Peacock is disputing the local police union’s version of a Gallery Night incident it brought before the Pensacola City Council last night. For starters, he said he did not refer to officers as ‘terrorists.’ “Did I use the word ‘terrorists?’ Yes. [...]

City Explores Charter School

Should the city of Pensacola start a charter school? It’s a question the Pensacola City Council may decide to start exploring tonight. “It’s really saying, ‘the city needs to take it’s destiny in its own hands,’” Councilwoman Megan Pratt said today. Pratt brought the issue to [...]

Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park Foundation shows no receivable or income from VFW Post

Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park Foundation shows no receivable or income from VFW Post

In 2004, the Vietnam Veterans Wall South Foundation filed a report with the state to change its name to Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park Foundation (Wallnamechange). The website GuideStar shows the Form 990 financial statements of non-profits. The Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park Foundation [...]

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