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Wednesday April 23rd 2014

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‘Pensacola’ Archives

Hayward expands city limits

Press Release: Council approves thirty annexation requests submitted by Hayward... The Pensacola City Council recently approved, by unanimous vote, thirty requests for voluntary annexation submitted by Mayor Ashton Hayward. The requests are the first submitted under Mayor Hayward’s new [...]

The Coal Ash Question

Two years ago this week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed federal standards for coal ash, the byproduct of burning coal. That proposal never went anywhere. Yesterday—two years to the day from the EPA proposals—the U.S. House of Representatives voted to instruct the [...]

Candyman Comes to Town

Majestic Candies Company is coming to town. The arrival has just been pushed back a bit. “We’re not on schedule for July, unfortunately,” said Majestic’s Don Perrotta on Wednesday. Hailed by local officials as a company that will invest $6 million and bring over 100 jobs to the area [...]

One more down: City and Fire Union agree, only police remaining

Press Release: City, fire union tentatively agree on new contract The City of Pensacola and International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 707 have reached a tentative agreement on a new three-year contract which would close the Firefighters’ Relief and Pension Fund to new entrants [...]

Myers vs. Hayward

Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers is suing Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward. The councilwoman’s attorney, Alistair McKenzie, reported that the suit was filed this afternoon. Myers is suing Hayward over a memorandum the mayor sent out to city council members last month. The May 15 [...]

Welcome to the Neighborhood

The city of Pensacola will soon play host to The 16th Annual Florida Neighborhoods Conference. This year’s conference runs from July 12 to 14. The event—a meeting of The Florida Neighborhoods Conference, Inc.—is meant to provide information and networking opportunities to the state’s [...]

Kazakhstan and Cantonment

A second international delegation will be touring the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority’s (ECUA) Central Water Reclamation Facility later this week. This delegation, from Kazakhstan, follows a visit from a Spanish delegation from Macharaviaya in 2011. The Kazakhstan delegation will be touring [...]

City reaches agreement with one union, two more to go

Press Release: The City of Pensacola and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3253 have reached an agreement on a new three-year contract, which includes a number of pension reforms expected to cut the City’s unfunded pension liability by nearly $5 million [...]

More on the great chicken debate

T.S. Strickland, a recent graduate of the University of West Florida, has been working on various assignments for us this summer. I asked him to cover yesterday's Committee of the Whole. After sitting through hours of council discussion, he got to hear the "Great Chicken Debate." I had hoped that [...]

Another person turns down Pensacola Council Executive position

City Administrator Bill Reynolds has notified the Pensacola City Council that Mr. Terence Milstead has turned down their city council executive position. Milstead is the second person to reject the job in the past six months. Here is the communication from Milstead: June 12, 2012 Sherrer [...]

Coming Home to Roost (but no Roosters)

Coming Home to Roost (but no Roosters)

Backyard-chicken advocates encountered what Pensacola City Council President Sam Hall termed “a friendly council” Monday. The board unanimously decided to instruct city staff to explore loosening ordinances pertaining to raising chickens in city neighborhoods. The council was presented last [...]

Hayward’s Blueprint

Hayward’s Blueprint

Delivering the 2013 budget today, Mayor Ashton Hayward discussed the city of Pensacola’s future in a State of the City address that was both optimistic and sobering. While touting recent successes, the mayor also noted that the city must deal with a ballooning pension commitment and shrinking [...]

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