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Saturday February 28th 2015

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Stay tuned: Myers has called her own press conference

When is a court order not a court order? When is a veto not a veto? When it involves the Pensacola City Council. I've sent Jeremy over to City Hall to catch the press conference called by Councilwoman Sherri Myers.

Mayor Ashton Hayward on court ruling

"I appreciate Judge Duncan’s wisdom and his ruling today in support of my policy. As I have said before, and Judge Duncan confirmed today, the Charter is very clear on this point: Communications by individual Council members to City employees must be made solely through the Mayor. My memorandum [...]

Court Order: Hayward can have individual council members go through his office, Myers pays her legal fees

In the suit Sherri Myers v. Ashton Hayward, Judge Scott Duncan found that the Mayor's policy limiting council members communications with city staff is too board by being addressed his memo to the entire council and not individual members. The Council has the power per the charter to make [...]

Kumbaya Through Clinched Jaws

Kumbaya Through Clinched Jaws

Mayor Ashton Hayward arrived at last night’s meeting just in time for the Pensacola City Council’s discussion regarding his veto of its budget amendment. He slipped into the seat behind the plate bearing his name and smiled at the gallery. “My motion is that the council override the [...]

Councilwoman Myers’ Statement

Following Mayor Ashton Hayward’s press conference Wednesday, Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers has issued a statement. She was apparently not invited to the press event. Currently, Myers is involved in a lawsuit against the mayor. Hayward has also vetoed a council budget amendment that [...]

Hayward Rallies Allies, Addresses Council’s Concerns

Hayward Rallies Allies, Addresses Council’s Concerns

One day before the Pensacola City Council is to consider its reaction to his veto, Mayor Ashton Hayward called a press conference to discuss the troubled relationship between the city’s executive and legislative branches. “As you know, we haven’t always agreed,” Hayward said to the [...]

Buzz: Huckabee to stump for Romney in Pcola on Saturday

A source close to the Mitt Romney campaign told the IN that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will be in Pensacola Saturday to campaign for the GOP presidential candidate. The site for the rally hasn't been selected, but the rally is expected to be in the early evening. Stay tuned.

Council Beats Hayward-Piñata

It looks like Thursday is shaping up as the main event, but last night’s Pensacola City Council meeting was nothing to sleep through. The stage was set, new storylines were pitched. One man in attendance supplied the gallery with popcorn for the show. During its Committee of the Whole meeting [...]

Messer’s Statement

Earlier this month, the Pensacola City Council made two amendments to Mayor Ashton Hayward's proposed 2013 budget. The mayor then vetoed one of council's amendments. In vetoing the amendment—which removed marketing money from the MIS budget and placed it into the council's own budget—Hayward [...]

Myers, Hayward Tell It to the Judge

Myers, Hayward Tell It to the Judge

Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers and Mayor Ashton Hayward will have to wait until the end of the week to find out which will prevail in their legal battle. “This obviously is an important case, it’s important to the citizens of Pensacola,” said Circuit Judge J. Scott Duncan after [...]

Possible conflict concerning council audit selection committee

Possible conflict concerning council audit selection committee

The Pensacola City Council took over in May the selection process of the audit firm for the city's annual audit. Instead of having the city's finance director, Dick Barker, on the committee, the council replaced him with a CPA from the community. Two people were nominated for the CPA spot. [...]

Romney campaign hosting events in Pensacola today

Romney campaign hosting events in Pensacola today

Congressman Jeff Miller is joining the Students for Romney today at 9 a.m. on the main campus of Pensacola State College. Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward is another one at the Maritime Park stadium at 2:30 p.m. To RSVP for Hayward event - visit here.

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