Wells retired and still got severance

September 8, 2016

On Sept. 7, the City of Pensacola released the personnel folder of former City Attorney Rusty Wells. Wells completed the Deferred Retirement Option program on Aug. 1, 2009. However, the Pensacola City Council allowed him to…

Education Pensacola

New Commanding Officer’s Compound unveiled

September 8, 2016

The University of West Florida Historic Trust hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony today to celebrate the Fort of Pensacola’s Commanding Officer’s Compound, a new outdoor exhibit located in Museum Plaza behind the T.T. Wentworth Florida State…


City administrator contracts had plenty of perks

September 7, 2016

Since he took office in January 2011, Mayor Ashton Hayward has had four city administrators. Bill Reynolds started work in August 2011. Colleen Castille replaced Reynolds in July 2013. From August 2014-March 2015, Dick Barker served as…

Escambia County Pensacola

Hayward takes a hit in survey

September 6, 2016

The Pensacola Young Professionals released on today their 2016 Quality of Life Survey. The news for Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward wasn’t as positive as it has been in the past. More residents believed that Escambia County…


Letter to the Publisher: Police deserve raises

September 6, 2016

Dear Rick: I appreciated your article about our police. I wish you would do some research and write more about them. I have several friends and acquaintances who are cops. From what I have been told,…

Pensacola Politics

Why only Castille and Fountain?

September 6, 2016

We’ve been asked why we only reported on the severance payouts to former City Administrator Colleen Castille and former COO Tamara Fountain. Why? Because the public was misled that those resignations were freely submitted, and clearly…

Escambia County Pensacola Politics

Gaetz and Broxson win

August 31, 2016

State Rep. Matt Gaetz soundly defeated his opponents in the GOP Congressional primary. Last night he released a statement on his victory. “I want to thank our volunteers, supporters, family and friends for their overwhelming support…